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8 Things To Do Whilst You Crave Nicotine

After a recent chat with Tracy (you may recall Tracy’s journey to becoming a non-smoker on our blog) we’d discussed how long her nicotine cravings normally last. She’d said that when she has them, which are super rare now thanks to her switch to vaping, they last around 2 minutes when. She’d mentioned that she … Continued

Is ‘Smokeless Tobacco’ the same as ‘Vaping’?

You may have seen the Daily Mail’s recent coverage of a study claiming that smokeless tobacco products are just as bad for the heart as cigarettes are. The study is absolutely right. But vaping—inhaling (nicotine-optional) vaporised liquids—contains no tobacco at all. So is vaping as bad as cigarettes? Let’s skip the hassle: NO. Vaping is … Continued

Cigarettes: a pain in the butt for the environment.

Environmental organisation Keep Britain Tidy has revealed that cigarette butts are the most littered item in England. In fact, cigarette litter can be found in 99% of streets in town centres, highlighting the endemic nature of the problem. Public Health England has stated that over 7 million adults in England smoke, which represents 16.9% of … Continued

BPS encourages the use of e-cigarettes as quit smoking method

The British Psychological Society (BPS) has urged a widespread promotion for e-cigarettes to be encouraged as a cessation aid for quitting smoking. Their report Changing Behaviour: Electronic Cigarettes’ recently published goes into great detail as to why e-cigarettes should be endorsed to help smokers switch to vaping and quit cigarettes altogether. E-cigarettes were the most … Continued

Will Success Escape Those Who Smoke?

Per a report by NHS Digital (2017), the price of tobacco has increased by 90% in the last 10 years and subsequently tobacco has become 27% less affordable. However, this hasn’t stopped Brits across the country from purchasing cigarettes, as 2.4 million people continue to light up. Yet, it appears smoking may cost an individual … Continued

What do office workers think about smoking?

Most office-based employers, regardless of their stature and industry, have a number of workers who smoke. Their tendency to smoke may be used as a coping mechanism to handle work-related stress and pressures. Many employers therefore willingly allow workers who smoke to do so whenever they get the urge. Whilst it may seem like a … Continued

Number of deaths attributable to smoking in the UK

Analysis of ‘Statistics on Smoking: England (2017)’ reveals the number of deaths attributable to smoking in different towns/cities across the UK, per 100,000 of the local population. Overall, their figures showed that there were an estimated 79,100 deaths attributable to smoking in in 2015. Of those deaths: 54% were cancer-related (lung, cervical, bladder cancer etc), … Continued

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