If you have bad breath, you may not realise it. The truth is it’s hard to smell your own breath. This means you more than likely won’t realise you have a problem until someone points it out to you. If you have a brave partner, then they may tell you that you have developed a problem. Otherwise, you’re going to have to go off of other social cues to figure out there is an issue. So, if you notice people are backing up when you move close to talk to them, or they move their head the other way as you exhale, then you can assume you have an issue with your breath. The information here will educate you on some of the common causes of bad breath and provide you with tips on getting rid of bad breath.

Sometimes bad breath is due to dental issues
Bad breath can be a sign of certain dental issues, such as an infected tooth or gum disease. If you have a tooth that’s been bugging you, then it’s important for you to get in to see the dentist right away. You will need to go through a course of antibiotics to get rid of the infection. If you ignore the issue, the infection can spread and make you very sick. Gum disease is another issue to watch for. Some of the signs of gum disease include red and inflamed gums, as well as bleeding when you brush your teeth. You should also go into your dentist as soon as you suspect gum disease. The course of treatment for this condition will depend on the severity of your issue and other factors. The good news is treating either of these issues can put an end to your bad breath, as well as the main problem. Getting your teeth regularly cleaned can also help to keep your mouth smelling better.

Sometimes bad breath is due to a medical issue
Sometimes you can experience bad breath when you have an upset and sour stomach. When you have a lot of acids building up inside of your stomach, an odor can work its way up into your mouth. Taking steps to reduce the acids in your stomach can help fend off that bad breath. Try taking some antacids and staying away from foods that cause you problems. Also, sometimes certain medications can cause bad breath. If you suspect one of your medications is the culprit then talk to your doctor. There may be another medication they can switch you to so you can put that bad breath behind you. A sinus or respiratory infection can also give you bad breath. If you have bad breath and you haven’t been feeling well, then you should go in to see your doctor. If you are ill, they can prescribe you medication to take away the illness and thereby correcting the bad breath issue.

Certain foods can cause bad breath
There are a number of foods known to cause bad breath. Eating these foods once in a while may not be a big deal, they may be worth dealing with a little bit of bad breath here and there. However, you may run into a problem if you are eating these foods on a daily basis. They can be giving you constant bad breath that can become a problem for you socially if you are offending others with your breath. Some of the foods known to give people bad breath include garlic, onions, spicy foods, tuna, and fish.

Drinking alcohol and/or smoking can give you bad breath – We wouldn’t be talking about this unless it was relevant to smoking, right?
If you are a person who enjoys a couple of alcoholic drinks when you get home from work, then they can be giving you bad breath. There isn’t much that you can do to put an end to your bad breath in this situation, except to cut those drinks out. Smoking cigarettes will also give you bad breath. Quitting smoking will end the bad breath. Aside from quitting smoking, there’s no way to cover up the bad breath caused by smoking. No gum in the world will help.

Now that you have a better idea of the things that may be causing you to experience bad breath, you can go through the list and figure out what changes you can make to get rid of the problem. If you aren’t able to correct the issue on your own, then you’ll want to turn to your doctor or dentist to help. Why not look at stop smoking in 2019 to help eliminate that terrible smoky breath?

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski