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8 Things To Do Whilst You Crave Nicotine

After a recent chat with Tracy (you may recall Tracy’s journey to becoming a non-smoker on our blog) we’d discussed how long her nicotine cravings normally last. She’d said that when she has them, which are super rare now thanks to her switch to vaping, they last around 2 minutes when. She’d mentioned that she … Continued

Cigalikes, Cartomisers, and 510 Threading

Oh, the lowly cigalike. It’s where vaping really got its start: little cigarette-ish devices with red or blue LEDs at the end, poking out of the breast pockets and cargo-short-pockets of people all over the country back in the year, like, 2010 or so. The history of the cigalike is a surprisingly circular one, finding … Continued

Where can you vape in public? A 2018 Update

Vaping occupies a sort of middle ground between harmless outdoor activities, like knocking back a cold Irn Bru on a hot day, and more regulated stuff, like smoking tobacco. Oftentimes it tends to be lumped in with smoking, forcing vape users back into the same space as smokers&emdash;which is what we’re trying to get away … Continued

Smoking is at an all-time low

Fewer people are smoking today than at any other time since we started importing tobacco from the colonies and lost our collective minds over the stuff. Well, fewer than at any other time since we started keeping track of how many people smoked, anyway. That’s great news! Funny thing is, ever since vaping really took … Continued

Can I Travel with my E-Cigarette?

Well, it's summertime. The sun is shining through the windows at Vapour HQ and we're longing to get outside to take advantage of the most blessed time of the year. We're talking barbecues, beer gardens, and that most quintessential of summertime fun: travel to the Mediterranean for a bit of spirited good living. But hold … Continued

Why are smokers so reluctant to switch to vaping?

A fascinating aspect of the report has been widely overlooked as the reason why smokers have been reluctant to try e-cigarettes. Within the report, ASH asked 606 British smokers who had never tried an e-cigarette, simply why they hadn’t. It should be noted, that all 606 respondents could have chosen multiple options.

The Unexpected Benefits of Vaping

Other than the obvious benefits of saving you a tonne of cash when switching from smoking to vaping, we thought we’d reveal the most unexpected benefits from vaping.

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