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Welcome to the new Vapour.com

Welcome to the new Vapour.com, your new home for all things e-cig, e-liquid and vaping. We’ve overhauled our full site, including all of the back-end technology, to give you, our users, a greater experience when using our site – you should now benefit from a faster, easier to navigate site – meaning you’ll find products … Continued

Is Sitting Down Worse Than Smoking?

If you’re an advocate of vaping blogs, you’ll often see posts slating cigarettes and the health risks associated with them. Let’s face it, you already know the risks, right? They’re printed on every packet of cigarettes you smoke. Some scientists are starting to say sitting is the new smoking after research coming out of Queensland, … Continued

8 Things To Do Whilst You Crave Nicotine

After a recent chat with Tracy (you may recall Tracy’s journey to becoming a non-smoker on our blog) we’d discussed how long her nicotine cravings normally last. She’d said that when she has them, which are super rare now thanks to her switch to vaping, they last around 2 minutes when. She’d mentioned that she … Continued

[Infographic] How much does smoking cost the UK?

Here at Vapour, we strive to deliver you the facts on smoking cessation and guide you in your journey along to a cigarette-free life. Today, I’m going to share a personal story with you, about a close-relative who lost his life-long fight with cigarettes at the age of 52. Today, we’re going to touch some … Continued

[Case Study] My Journey Quitting Smoking (Part 2)

If you missed part 1 – be sure to head here and catch up 🙂 On to Day 2, where to start?! Day 2 was a nightmare, I was off work and found myself at a loose end after the kids had gone to school & college. I’d already tackled the ironing the day previous, … Continued

[Case Study] My Journey Quitting Smoking (Part 1)

Many women light up their first cigarette in school, I know that’s when I had my first – It was behind the smokers hut in comprehensive school with 3 other girls from my class. I’m not sure what prompted it, perhaps it was the need to feel ‘cool’ or ‘grown-up’, when I was growing up, … Continued

How To: Beginners Guide to the EVOD 650 by Vapour

Presenting the stylish Evod 650 electronic cigarette kit from vapour. The EVOD 650 is truly an ingenious device and consists of four main parts a lithium battery, a H4 Pro Dual Coil, a H4 clearomizer with push-fit drip tip. To fill the tank hold the device upside down unscrew the clearomizer in an anti-clockwise direction, … Continued

Juul is to release a ‘smart’ Juul

You’ll have to forgive us for harping on about the Juul so much lately, but this is genuinely interesting news: Juul apparently intends on releasing a ‘smart’ version of its industry-shaking e-cigarette in 2019. Speaking at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF 2018 event, Juul co-founder James Monsees talked at length about the problems that Juul has been … Continued

Infographic: The Real Smoking Facts

Sometimes, it’s hard to dedicate the time to reading longform articles which highlight the benefits of vaping; whilst highlighting the dangers of smoking. We’ve put together this handy, simple to digest infographic for you to show what we feel are the biggest facts about smoking – the real smoking facts. Be sure to share this … Continued

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