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Smoking is at an all-time low

Friday, 22nd June 2018

Fewer people are smoking today than at any other time since we started importing tobacco from the colonies and lost our collective minds over the stuff. Well, fewer than at any other time since we started keeping track of how many people smoked, anyway. That’s great news! Funny thing is, ever since vaping really took […]

Mixing your own e-liquid

Tuesday, 12th June 2018

As the world of vaping matures, a smaller and smaller proportion of people who vape are considered ‘new’. For sure, there are still a good deal of new vape users, but the numbers of old hands at vaping are growing and growing. And with them, the insatiable vaping desire for newer and newer kicks. In […]

Can I Travel with my E-Cigarette?

Wednesday, 06th June 2018

Well, it's summertime. The sun is shining through the windows at Vapour HQ and we're longing to get outside to take advantage of the most blessed time of the year. We're talking barbecues, beer gardens, and that most quintessential of summertime fun: travel to the Mediterranean for a bit of spirited good living. But hold […]

Powerful Vape Tanks

Tuesday, 29th May 2018

It’s Power Time. We’re taking a look at some of the most powerful tanks on the market today. The ones that drive huge clouds and drain shortfills in like 2.8 seconds. The ones that drive Lamborghinis and steal yo girl. The ones that prompt drivers behind to reach for their fog lights. But before we […]

Best Juul Alternatives

Wednesday, 16th May 2018

Look. It was only a matter of time before we faced down the Juul. And honestly, we’re a little sorry that we didn’t tackle it earlier. But Juul is a teen thing and we’re all grandmothers here at Vapour so we hope we can be forgiven for our tardiness. So let’s get the elephant out […]

Longest-Lasting Vaping Coils

Thursday, 03rd May 2018

Before we get started, we want to warn you that we’re entering into a foggy realm. On the first page of Google’s search results you’ll find no less than six different opinions on the length of life of Aspire’s Nautilus coils. Some people swear by Cleitos, others claim to have vaped for 4 and a […]

Best Eliquids of Early 2018

Friday, 27th April 2018

“Another ‘best-of’ eliquid list, huh?” We can hear you already. And we’re ready to acknowledge that vaping is a super subjective, uh, subject. So ‘Best Eliquids of 2018’ is like running an post called ‘Best Food of 2018’. Everyone’s taste differs, so the fact that this list runs pretty light on tobacco flavours, for example, […]

More Evidence on Youth E-cigarette Use

Friday, 20th April 2018

Would you look at us. We’re all about the ongoing series (serieses?). This is a follow-up on a post from a few weeks ago where we questioned whether e-cigarettes are encouraging kids to smoke, which was, itself, a follow-up to two other myths busted. Or semi-busted. In the intervening time, a bit more evidence has […]

The 2018 VApril Challenge

Friday, 06th April 2018

Well it’s April already. It feels like only yesterday we were writing our post about your vaping new year’s resolution, and here we are, a third of the way through the year already. If you’re feeling like your resolution is flagging and you’re drifting back towards tobacco, maybe it’s time to get involved with VApril. […]

Vaping Studies and the Value of Good News

Tuesday, 03rd April 2018

Late last week, the Daily Mail, not known for being particularly friendly to the e-cigarette industry (and a dubious source for science in general1), published a short article, not available online, on the recent guidance update published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE (that’s their name, not a comment on how […]

Do e-cigarettes encourage kids to smoke?

Tuesday, 27th March 2018

Welcome back to the Vapour Mythbusting Power Hour, part 3. If you haven’t read our first part, (toxic metals in vape coils???) or our second part, (formaldehyde production in eliquid???), then go do so. It’s informative and it really helps out our SEO. Today we’re going to take on the oft-cited claim that children are […]

Your vape isn’t producing formaldehyde, either

Tuesday, 20th March 2018

The claim that eliquid contains formaldehyde is about as old as vaping itself. It’s echoed by tabloids and aspiring investigative journalists looking for a big scoop about something gaining popularity in modern society. It’s echoed by a few regulators, and a couple of mothers who worry that their kids are vaping out behind the estate, […]

Your vape isn’t leaching toxic metals

Thursday, 15th March 2018

You may have read, sometime last week, about vaping coils leaching toxic metals into eliquid. It was pretty big news in certain circles, and everyone from The Sun to Mashable decided to run with the story. And why wouldn’t they? It’s an easy story to write and it’s ostensibly for the public good. It also […]

Sign Up to Our Flash Sale List!

Thursday, 08th March 2018

We’re starting up a new campaign we’re calling Flash Sale. This is how it’s going to work: every now and again, we’re going to put out some kind of sale — a discount, a buy-one-get-one, an product you’ll find here but nowhere else. Real showstopper sales. Here’s the catch: the sale will only last an […]

What is Nicotine Salt?

Tuesday, 20th February 2018

It’s likely that you’ve heard about nicotine salt eliquid lately. It’s exploding in popularity in the United States, and making its way to the UK, though regulation is slowing its uptake here. Most discussions of nicotine salt will focus on the fact that it’s the form of nicotine that you’ll find in tobacco, which means […]

Is Vaping Technology Going Backwards?

Tuesday, 13th February 2018

It’s clear even from a cursory glance around the vaping industry in 2018 that the choice that a quitting smoker has is more varied now than ever before. And despite controversially strong regulation in many countries, trade is thriving. And all this despite the industry only being about a decade old in the west, and […]

Vapes in Hospitals

Wednesday, 07th February 2018

The government's public health body, Public Health England (PHE), has just released their latest review of the e-cigarettes and heated tobacco industry, and it paints an ugly picture for tobacco use in the UK. Let's start at the beginning. The good news: a little over ten years ago, almost one out of every four adults […]

How’s the New Year’s Resolution Going?

Monday, 15th January 2018

Well, it's been two weeks since the New Year came around and we all laid out our resolutions and hopes for the new year. Maybe it'll have been three weeks by the time this post gets published. How's 2018 going for you so far? If you decided to quit smoking in the new year, maybe […]