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What are Fabstix?

Coming hot off the heels of huge disposable vape bars like the Geek Bar, Elf Bar and the Vapour Path comes Fabstix.

Fabstix are a new disposable vape product with a difference; the bar builds off the same small, sleek devices that exist, and introduces a revolutionary feature for disposable vape bars in the form of airflow control.

With Fabstix, you can control the mix of vapour and air to create your perfect vaping experience. Simple turn the base to allow or restrict airflow into the device for a softer, or harsher vaping experience. Fabstix disposable vapes feature a soft-touch plastic design in easily identifiable flavour-matching colours, that pack a real flavour punch.

With a flavoursome 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid. A single bar packs a 550mAh battery (among the highest in this disposable vape space) which makes for up to a whopping 600 puffs!

We love Fabstix so much, that we’re pleased to be the sole UK retailer of the devices – that’s how much we like them.

Are Fabstix Disposable Vapes Free Delivery?

If you’re looking for Disposable Vapes with Free Delivery – look no further. Vapour offer free delivery on every order, with no minimum spend at all. What’s more, we offer Free Delivery Next Day delivery on all orders over £40, so spend more and receive your products the very next day.

Are Fabstix strong?

In the world of vaping, 20mg of nicotine salts is a high-dosage, however the way that the device is inhaled makes for a smooth vaping experience. Pair this with the airflow control, and you have the ability to control what the draw feels like. It’s a mouth-to-lung device, which means you don’t directly inhale the cloud into your lungs, but draw it in; like a regular cigarette.

I’ve read that disposable vape devices are illegal, is this true for Fabstix?

There’s a lot of false information circulating the internet as to whether disposable vapes are legal to sell/purchase in the UK because of the TPD ruling which states that nicotine products can’t be sold that contain more than 2ml of e-liquid. Fabstix contain 2ml of e-liquid, so its on the legal limit for sale within the UK. What’s more, Fabstix look less like a ‘fun product’ than other disposable vape bars, so are unlikely to be considered to be aimed at a younger market – which is where a lot of backlash towards disposable devices are coming from.

Are Fabstix better than the competition?

At the end of the day, it’s down to personal preference as to what disposable vape you choose – some people prefer different devices and that’s just personal preference. The flavours in Fabstix are very clear and not muted at all – they’re very true to the flavour they represent and the added airflow control makes them a standout product in the disposable vape space.

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