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Regulated Mods Operation & Settings

For most devices 5 fast clicks in succession will turn on/off the device or lock it. Some devices are 3 fast clicks, check your instruction manual that came with your device.

When carrying the device around it is important to lock or turn off your device to avoid the device firing, which stops you running down the battery life or burning out the coil.

Settings and battery indication level are usually shown on the small LCD display on your device. (some devices don’t have a digital display as they are fixed voltage settings)

Wattage or voltage settings are controlled by the up/down buttons on your device. The optimum settings for each device varies depending on the Tank and Coil used. Please check your instruction manual or the coil itself will usually indicate what wattage is required.

The higher the setting the more vapour is created but will also reduce the life span of the coil.

E-liquid & Nicotine Levels

Due to the wicking ability on sub-ohm coils thicker e-liquid is recommended, thinner liquids will cause the tank to leak. We recommend using an e-liquid with a higher VG/PG ratio of 50/50 and above. Most Sub ohmers prefer to use e-liquids of 70/30 and above to produce a large cloud and more satisfying vape.

It is recommended that a lower mg liquid is to be used when sub-ohming due to the fact that the power of the device amplifies the strength of nicotine in the liquid. The most common strength of nicotine used in sub ohming is 3mg or 6mg. Any higher usually creates too harsh a sensation on the throat.

Tanks & Coils (Atomisers)

When using a sub ohm tank the draw will be a lot airier, this is because they are designed to be direct-to-lung draws. This creates big clouds whilst being smoother on the throat.

When buying a new tank or using a new coil it is recommended to ‘prime’ the coil, this means putting a few drops of e-liquid directly on the cotton holes on the sides of the coil to avoid burning out the coil.

We also recommend allowing your juice to sit in the tank for 5 minutes before use to ensure the coils is fully primed to avoid a dry hit and to help prolong the life span.

Coils have a recommended wattage range, this shows the optimal range of a coil and gives good guidance on the type of vape you like, the higher end of the range will give a warmer vape and bigger clouds, the lower end of the range will give a cooler smoother vape.

Going over the recommended range could lead to burning the cotton around the coil. Vaping below the recommended minimum could cause leaking and spitting. Also the changing the wattage setting will alter the flavour of your juice

A little bit of spitting from the coil is expected, however if there is a lot of spitting, the coil could be defective, the tank could be leaking or the wrong vg/pg blend of e-liquid is being used.

Most coils will last between 1-4 weeks with regular use, however some dark e-liquids or those containing lots of sweetener could reduce the life of the coils. If your running your device on a high wattage or allow your tank to run empty, this can also cause the coils to burn out quickly.

Temperature Control:

Some Box Mods have a temperature control system; this is where the mod reads small changes in the coil to calculate the temperature of the coil. This protects the coil from drying out and over-heating.

Temp control uses different coil materials from standard coils, NI200 (nickel), TI (titanium) are ONLY for use with temp control, SS (stainless steel) will work on temp control and wattage mode.

Temp control coils can only be used in a device which is Temp control compatible.

Tank Maintenance & Common Problems

The most common problems with tanks are, leaking or non-firing (no vape) please check the following:

Non Firing:

Coil may not be screwed in tightly enough

Coil may be burnt out and coil needs changing

An incorrect coil type is being used – Same brand coils are not universal; each tank has a specific coil type.

The wattage on the device maybe on the wrong setting or not high enough

The thread on the tank is worn and not making correct contact

The tank has leaked and the residue inside the thread is causing a connection issue

The device isn’t powerful enough to fire the tank. Not all tanks are compatible with lower wattage devices.

The tank has been overtightened and causing a connection issue

The device needs charging or is not turned on – some devices have an automatic shut off when not in use.


The tank has been dropped and has a crack or a chip

The seals are broken and need replacing

Using the incorrect type of E-liquid. (thinner liquid – high pg)

High temperatures can cause the e-liquid too thin and seep through the seals/coil

The Coil hasn’t been screwed in tightly enough or is not sitting flush inside the tank

The coil is being under powered and requires a higher setting – see tanks & coils section

Charging & Battery safety:

If you carry a spare rechargeable battery (18650 or Other) with you it is important to keep the battery in a case to avoid contact with metal objects, failure to do so could result in harm.

It is recommended by the manufacturer to not leave batteries or mods to charge overnight or left unattended as a safety precaution.

Most mods can be charged via micro USB and take up to 4 hours to fully charge. You can see the amount of charge on the battery indictor level on the LCD Screen.

Some devices use a removable rechargeable battery which requires an external battery charger. The positives of this is you can have more than one battery in operation so you never have to worry about your device being out of operation during charging time.

Ensure that the plug and charger are the correct wattage and suitable for your device. Just because it fits doesn’t mean its compatible.

If you are unsure of any of this information or would like more in depth knowledge of your device, tutorials in coils building (RDAs) or trouble shooting problems with your device. You can contact us to book an appointment with our in-store Technician at a Vape store close to you by calling 0333 323 7733

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