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Disposable Cigarettes

Disposable cigarettes may be your first foray into e-cigs. They’re compact, discreet and look exactly like a regular cigarette. For years, they’ve been a staple product at Vapour and we continue to sell more and more.

Disposable e-cigs are popular with an older crowd of e-cig users. That’s pretty likely, as many of our customers switched from traditional cigarettes when we arrived on the scene in 2011 when this was pretty much the first alternative to smoking using an electronic device – and never looked back.

One single disposable e-cig contains around as many puffs as a box of twenty regular cigarettes – all in one little stick. Impressive, no?

Alongside top-quality tobacco and menthol flavourings, we're able to suit whatever nicotine dosage you’re looking for, whether that be a harsher 20mg, or a more subtle 16mg. All disposable e-cigs made by Vapour contain our best-selling TPD Compliant E-liquid, made right here in the United Kingdom.

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