Presenting the stylish Evod 650 electronic cigarette kit from vapour.

The EVOD 650 is truly an ingenious device and consists of four main parts a lithium battery, a H4 Pro Dual Coil, a H4 clearomizer with push-fit drip tip.

To fill the tank hold the device upside down unscrew the clearomizer in an anti-clockwise direction, set-aside the battery and slowly pour the vapour e-liquid into the clearomizer until you reach the fill and refill line. Once full, screw the battery back on, in a clockwise direction.

To turn on The EVOD 650, simply click the button five times, you’ll see the button flash three times which means your device is ready to use.

Pressing the button activates the heating element contained within the H4 coil – vapour is then produced and is ready to be inhaled.

The EVOD 650 is very easy to charge. Begin by plugging the provided USB cable into a BSI approved USB charging plug. When the light turns red the battery is charging. The light will turn off once the battery is fully charged

An extensive range of e-liquids and accessories are available to use with the EVOD650 these can be found either on or via official vapour retailers.

Vapour. don’t smoke. just vape

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski