DIY Vaping and How To Stay Safe

Tight regulations of the e-cigarette market may be causing an exodus in the vaping community to purchase e-cigarette product off the black market and to make their own, or in other words, DIY vaping.

So you want to be a vaper?

Vapers often find that those with the least knowledge about the industry are the first to offer their (not-so-well-informed) opinions. It’s gotten to the stage where it’s refreshing to meet another fellow vaper in public. Some would even say to fully understand what it’s like to vape, you have to be or have been one yourself. Maybe. In response to this claim, we’ve collected some of the best images and funniest memes that truly represent what it feels like to be a vaper.

Cigarettes to cost £15 by 2020

The price of a packet of 20 cigarettes could now reach £15 by 2020, in a huge push to cut down the number of cancer patients. Tobacco remains the main risk factor for those with cancer, followed closely by obesity. This new measure is part of six health priorities noted in a report by the Independent Cancer Taskforce, set up by NHS England earlier this year. The five-year plan is to focus on prevention and early diagnosis, hoping to save the lives of 30,000 each year. The £2billion project is to reduce the number of cancer patients and ensure more and more people are educated against the threat of smoking.

Alcohol vaping – next big thing?

We love a good e-liquid (the funkier the better), but something even more eccentric is new on the vaping menu. We’ve sourced a new way for you to enjoy your alcoholic beverage of choice – through your lungs…

Vaping convert? This one’s for you…

The world used to love a smoker: James Dean, Frank Sinatra… But those guys are long gone and so is the notion that smoking is ‘cool’. Just like movies of teenage angst and swing music, smoking has gone well and truly out of style…

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