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Puff Bar

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What is a Puff Bar

The puff bar marks a new era of disposable vaping devices, this discreet, these pre-filled vape devices contains around 1.3ml of e-liquid and are available in a multitude of different flavours. The term 'Puff Bar' is taken from the popular US product of the same name. However, across the vaping industry the term has been used to describe products that look similar in form-factor. These vape bars go by a multitude of names, as manufacturers tend to brand them all slightly differently. Elf Bars, Beco Bars and Vape Bars are all similar, disposable vaping devices.

Are Puff Bars Banned?

Puff Bars recently got a blanket ban in the US due to the FDA issuing a citation to remove all fruit flavoured e-liquids from their products. The reason stated was that adding attractive flavours to the devices makes them appealing to a young audience. As a result of this, Puff Bars are now unable to be sold in the US. You are still able to purchase these disposable vape devices throughout the UK and Europe.

The Vapour Path

The Vapour Path device is our answer to the Puff Bar. It's a natural transition from our strong roots in disposable cigalikes and we've got years of experience in working with disposable vape devices like this (just look at our customer reviews.

Why Not Just Buy a Puff Bar?

Definitely a fair question and one we're keen to answer. We've developed our Path device to house a little more e-liquid, giving better value over our competitors products of a similar nature. What's more, our Path disposable vape bar contains our own TPD certified, 16mg, salt-based e-liquid for a super smooth draw and powerful flavour hit. The TPD certification means it passes the EU Tobacco Products Directive, and thus, is compliant with all EU laws regarding e-liquids, and vaping devices. The Vapour Path comes in three flavours; Tobacco, Menthol and Wild Berry – the perfect amount of variation.

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