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Elf Bars

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What is an Elf Bar?

Elf Bar is the latest in disposable vapes, with a sleek design and enough flavour and power that makes for a smooth, lasting vaping experience. The bar is a discreet and awesome-looking device that will allow you to vape wherever and whenever. You can conveniently carry it, use it and dispose of it when it’s depleted – as long as there’s battery and juice and with over 600 puffs, they last a while!

With the disposable Elf Bar, you can now enjoy your favourite flavours on the go, without the need to carry bulky equipment or worry about leaking e-juice. Simply grab a bar, tear open the sealed packet and inhale. The range of disposable devices available in 20+ flavours!

They come in lots of flavours; whether you’re looking for something traditional or sweet, Elf bars have got you covered.

Elf Bar Offers

We offer all Elf Bars at the low price of £4.95 per bar, but if you’re looking for discount Elf Bars, we’ve got you covered – with our offer of 2 for £9.

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