Vapour VL5 Disposable Menthol Cigalike – 10 Pack

Best value disposable electronic cigarette, the VL5 10 Pack


Nicotine Strength

VL5 Disposable Menthol Cigalike - 10 Pack

The VL5 Disposable Menthol Cigalike is a disposable electronic cigarette which looks, feels and tastes just like a real menthol cigarette. It is the same size as a regular cigarette and weighs just 10 grams making it practical, convenient and easy to carry around. One of our best selling e-cigarettes, this is especially popular with adult smoker because it is ready to use, great tasting and very simply inhale, just like a regular cigarette. The VL5 is powered by a 160mAh battery and lasts nearly as long as our rechargeable VL4 counterpart. The only difference is that each VL5 is disposed after about 250 puffs - depending on the length and depth of inhalation which is equivalent to smoking about 20 regular cigarettes. The VL5's contain one of the finest E-Juices on the market which is made from the best ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. You can choose between two nicotine strengths: 16mg and 20mg. Just use and dispose!

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