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Starter Kits

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The Starter eCig Vape Kit

A starter e-cig vape kit is the Excalibur in any vape user’s back pocket. The old reliable. A lot of the time its the first vape that someone quitting smoking has ever tried. And for that reason, a ton of effort goes into making sure that starter e-cig vape kits function easily and without fuss, while delivering a reliably great vape, every time.

The e-cig starter kits we sell at Vapour span a variety of styles, experience levels, and degrees of customisation, but what sets them above and beyond your ultra-basic cigalike is that they are all rechargeable. No more disposing of your e-cig once the battery is dead—simply plug the e-cigarette into the wall and you’ll shortly be back in business!

Cigalike eCigs

‘Cigalike’ e-cigarettes look and feel like tobacco cigarettes and are excellent options for those looking to make the switch from smoking but don’t want to have to fuss with new technology. Our VL4 eCig Starter Kit comes in tobacco or menthol flavours, is rechargeable, and comes with two cartridges and a charging port. It can provide up to 40 traditional cigarettes’ worth of nicotine per cartridge, making it a significantly better investment than tobacco!

Pen-style eCigs

‘Pen-style’ e-cigarettes are a great place to start your vaping journey as they offer a superb balance of value and functionality. They come in two parts: a clearomizer and a battery. The clearomizer holds your e-liquid and vaporises it on activation, while the battery provides the power to make the whole thing work.

Pen-style e-cigs have a number of advantages over cigalikes, but one of the most significant is that they can be refilled. This means that you can use a variety of eliquid and coil setups to dial in your perfect experience.

Our very own EVOD 650 is one of our best-selling starter kits and a breeze to use for beginners.

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