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Vaping Tanks

In a world of supercharged coils and boosted mods, the humble vaping tank rarely gets it serious due. They’re often seen as an afterthought, or only really considered for the coils that they can accommodate. But the tank is the platform upon which your whole vaping experience is built, and can’t be underestimated.

Let’s dive in.

Tank basics

Most vaping tanks are made of standard glass, polycarbonate plastic. They usually feature a plastic or stainless steel base and cap, as well as some filling mechanism.

Almost all vaping tanks also come with what’s called a ‘510 connector’. Named after the 510-type threading on the peg, the 510 connector is a standardised method for attaching tanks to mods. It allows power to flow up from the mod into the coils, and in some cases, even lets e-liquid through into the wick. Because it’s a standard across the industry, it means that any 510-connected tank will fit on any 510-connected mod (and that’s basically all of them).

That means it’s easy to fit an Smok tank to an Innokin mod, or an Aspire tank to an Asmodus mod. You get the picture. It frees up vape users to shop around and discover what kit works the best for them.

Tank pro strats

As the vaping tank has matured, manufacturers have been working on ways to squeeze performance, reliability, and new features out of their tanks. For example, on a lot of newer tanks you’ll find better leak-proofing for use with thinner, high-PG e-liquids. Adjustable airflow is another popular feature on modern tanks, allowing vape users to ‘tighten’ their draw for a more cigarette-style vape, or ‘loosen’ the draw for bigger vapour production.

Speaking of bigger vapour production, some tanks are built specifically for handling higher heats for sub-ohming. Sub-ohm tanks like the Smok TFV12 Prince and the Uwell Crown 3 add heat-resistant glass, insulating layers, and extra-large airholes to accommodate the higher power throughput and larger clouds.

Tank infinity and beyond

The latest evolution in tanks is the RTA, or rebuildable tank atomiser. This combines all of the power and customisability of a rebuildable coil with the convenience of a tank. No more manual dripping!

RTAs like the Kylin 24 and Kensei 24 by Vandy Vape have already proven the popularity and function of these RTAs, so this is a huge space to watch in the coming months.

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