Welcome to the new Vapour.com, your new home for all things e-cig, e-liquid and vaping.

We’ve overhauled our full site, including all of the back-end technology, to give you, our users, a greater experience when using our site – you should now benefit from a faster, easier to navigate site – meaning you’ll find products much easier than before.

We’ve created a new, enhanced checkout which will allow you to complete your purchases quicker. Thanks to some handy technology supplied by our payment partner, SagePay, we can now securely store your card details. This means you’ll only need to input your 3 digit CVV number next time you purchase from us. All card details are securely stored with SagePay (we don’t touch any of that data) in an encrypted manner – so rest assured that we aren’t exposing any of your private card details.

Speaking of security – let’s talk passwords…

We’ve updated our site to use a completely different platform to what we were using before. As a result of this, we’re asking all users to supply a new password.

We’re asking you to do this, as there’s no way of decrypting your old password and porting it over to our new site. We don’t and won’t ever store your password in a way that would allow it to be decrypted – this is for your own privacy and security.

To change your password, you can simply head here: https://www.vapour.com/my-account/lost-password/

All of your existing orders will be within your account, for you to view, as we’ve moved all of those over for you.

We hope you enjoy our new site, and should you have any feedback – be sure to let us know.

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski