Welcome to the second instalment of our E-Liquid Recipe blogs, where we have a few more vaping treats for you which you can make yourself by blending a couple of the different e-liquid flavours from our e-liquid range. Remember also that our Pharma+ e-liquid is 100% manufactured in the UK according to UK pharmaceutical regulations, so you know you are only using the highest quality ingredients when you start blending these flavours to create whole new vaping sensations.

Follow this link to our blog to check out the first instalment of the Vapourlites E-Liquid Recipes #1, and we have plenty more coming your way soon as well. Don’t forget to get in touch and let us know any fantastic flavour combinations you have discovered yourself. If we agree that your recipe is indeed delicious, it will more than likely make it onto one of our later E-Liquid Recipe editions as well!

1. Chocana Splitomel Flavour

There is so much fun to be had mixing the various dessert flavours available in the Vapourlites Pharma+ e-liquid range. One of the finest I can recommend is this blend of Banana Split and Chocomel e-juice flavours (hence the rather silly name). The caramel undertones of the Chocomel permeate throughout the blend while the banana flavouring floats across your taste buds like a cocker spaniel chasing a piece of silver paper in the wind. But don’t vape this blend of flavours while you’re busy at work or otherwise occupied. Save this one for when you have time to relax and can fully appreciate the sweet loveliness of all the different layers of flavour.


  • Banana Split E-Liquid
  • Chocomel E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  40-60% Banana Split + 40-60% Chocomel

2. Strappleberry Flavour

Strawberry e-liquid flavours tend to be quite creamy, which is very tasty, of course. However, you can add a refreshing zing by mixing in a little Apple flavour, which cuts right through the creamy goodness and adds an extra layer of flavour which effortlessly compliments the already scrumptious Strawberry e-liquid. You only need a splash of Apple flavour for this blend, unless you really like apples, in which case maybe you should just eat an actual apple.

This is a good all day vape, as the apple undertones will keep the flavour interesting while the strawberry is already wonderful on its own, let alone with the added goodness that apple provides.


Recommended Mix:  80-90% Strawberry + 10-20% Apple

3. Sweet Cherry Pie Flavour

The Very Cherry e-juice is pretty strong, so I would advise against putting too much in the blend to start off with. The Vapourlites Vanilla is a very welcoming flavour that blends well with other flavours, so start with significantly more of that and then add the cherry according to your taste.


Recommended Mix:  60-70% Vanilla + 30-40% Very Cherry

4. Exploding Candy Flavour

Do you remember those sweets you had as a kid that started popping and cracking as soon as they hit your tongue? Well, you can recreate a similar taste sensation in your e-liquid by blending Fizzberry e-juice with Vapourlites’ Iron Brewed flavour for a nostalgic treat. The two flavours combine to create a unique vaping experience, which is to be enjoyed by responsible adults only. That should go without saying, but it’s better to err on the side of caution.

As for why the ingredients work so well together, the Fizzberry is a mix of champagne and strawberry flavours, while you can probably figure out what the Iron Brewed flavour tastes like (even if nobody truly knows exactly what it is!). It’s the combination of fizzy and sweet which is reminiscent of those classic candies from yesteryear. I can’t tell you this is an all day vape, as my tooth isn’t that sweet, but it’s a real delight on occasion and makes a great change from the usual fruity flavours.


  • Fizzberry E-Liquid
  • Iron Brewed E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  50% Fizzberry + 50% Iron Brewed

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace

AKA ‘Chris 2′ – Chris Wallace heads up Loyalty and Marketing at Vapour and is responsible for looking after our customers pockets, ensuring that loyalty is rewarded fairly. Chris works closely with the procurement team to ensure that we have the latest and greatest vaping products that you want! Having owned 3 of them, Chris’ favourite mod is the VooPoo Drag. You’ll always find him with a pocket full of batteries as his biggest fear is running out of power! FUN FACT: Chris has completed Tinder.