Welcome to the first of our E-Liquid Recipe blogs, where we hope to inspire you to start creating your own e-juice flavour combinations using our Pharma+ range of e-liquids. We have 20 e-liquid flavours to play with, plus more to come once they are perfected, so there’s no shortage of ingredients to try blending and experimenting with. We’ll be providing the recipes for some of the flavour combinations we’ve found particularly enjoyable ourselves, but we’re also hoping our customers will get involved and let us know their own flavour combination discoveries as well.

While it might be a case of trial and error with some flavours, there are also some classic combos which have been utilised in food and drinks for a long time. If they work in a cocktail or in a tasty dessert, then it’s highly likely they will work well together in an e-liquid as well.

1. Mint Chocolate E-Liquid

Mixing any of the variety of mint flavours with chocolate has been a popular combination for many a dessert since before anybody reading this was even born. The minty freshness punctuating the enveloping goodness of the chocolate flavouring is a pleasure few of us haven’t enjoyed at least a few times. There are plenty of chocolate bars that infuse a little bit of mint to set them apart from the rest, while bespoke ice cream selections just aren’t complete without a light green option speckled with dark brown chocolate chips.

The best thing about recreating this flavour combination with e-liquid is that you can emphasise either the mint or the chocolate more depending on your preference. Mix some Menthol e-juice with Vapourlites’ Chocomel flavour to create your very own mint chocolate e-liquid, for that refreshingly minty hit with generous caramel undertones.


  • Chocomel E-Liquid
  • Menthol E-Liquid or Ice Mint E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  75% Chocomel + 25% Menthol or Ice Mint

2. Summer Berries E-Liquid

A selection of summer berries makes for a wonderful treat in food form, so why not recreate this fruity wonder at home with your e-liquid. If you’re a fan of getting out in the country and picking berries for yourself, then you’ll appreciate the nostalgic memories this fantastically fruity flavour combination provides you. And if you prefer staying in the city and having your fruit salads served to you as you relax in a comfy chair, then the ease of which this flavour combination is created will certainly appeal to you.

The Vapourlites Pharma+ e-liquid range already contains Blue Raspberry flavour, which is a combination of blueberry and raspberry, so mix this ready-made combo flavour with some Strawberry flavoured e-liquid to create an especially vibrant vaping experience. For a little extra sparkle, try replacing the strawberry flavour with Fizzberry, which is a rather delicious champagne and strawberry infusion.


  • Blue Raspberry E-Liquid
  • Strawberry E-Liquid 

Recommended Mix:  60-70% Blue Raspberry + 30-40% Strawberry or Fizzberry

3. Dessert Island E-Liquid

This one is a delightful little secret that most folks are unlikely to stumble upon during their own experimentations. However, the light flavouring of Vapourlites’ Banana Split synergises effortlessly with the Café Crème flavoured e-juice to create an excellent dessert vape. The lightness of each flavour means neither completely dominates the other, but the flavours and tones intertwine and compliment each other equally with every inhalation and exhalation.

Be warned, while a café crème beverage might contain caffeine to perk you up, there is none in this flavour combination and it’s a very relaxing vape, so make a 50/50 mix of each ingredient and enjoy after a big meal in a comfortable chair that you don’t have to get up from for a while.


  • Banana Split E-Liquid
  • Café Crème E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  50% Banana Split + 50% Café Crème

4. Grapple E-Liquid

No, not a flavour reminiscent of large men in spandex pretending to fight, but the luscious combination of Apple mixed with Grape flavoured e-liquid. It’s a combination of two of the sweetest natural flavours in existence, and the two combine to create something even greater than the sum of its parts. While apple’s flavour is a bit more in your face, the gentler grape flavourings subtly emerge throughout the inhalation and exhalation process.

It’s fairly safe to recommend a 50/50 mix for this one, but it’s worth experimenting with differing amounts of each flavour depending on which element of this vaping cocktail you prefer. An 80/20 mix in favour of apple will only have a subtle hint of grape, for example, while a 60/40 mix in favour of grape will greatly enhance the grape flavour’s influence on the whole vaping experience.


Recommended Mix:  50% Apple + 50% Grape

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace

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