As with many of life's important things, size does indeed matter.  However, bigger isn't always better, and our brand new Micro E-Cig is the perfect ambassador for this fact. At just 71mm long the Micro is the world's smallest electronic cigarette, making it the most convenient vaping product on the market. With regular cigarettes measuring 83mm you can see just how compact and practical the Micro is. Designed  to take up as little space in your pocket or bag as possible, the mini e-cig provides you with the equivalent to 15 tobacco cigarettes.  And don't let the reduced size deceive you in to thinking it has reduced performance – it still packs the same satisfying nicotine punch that you get from our regular sized e-cigs, with the same thick vapour and realistic throat hit. Available in both Tobacco and Menthol flavours and the most popular nicotine strength of 16mg it's ideal to keep as a back up in case of emergencies (battery runs out, no charger available) or as a handy space saving alternative to the full size product The Micro E-Cig uses the same Soft Feel technology as our other disposable e-cigarettes and is fitted with the classic blue LED so as to avoid confusion for an analogue cigarette.