Ten years ago, it would have been impossible to predict the rise of the vaping industry and its developing culture. Now a billion-pound industry – it most certainly has a following to match. However, not everybody is happy about it.

There seems to be a large portion of people who identify vaping as nothing more than a stylish, modernist trend. But it’s true to say that it has become much more than that. Today, it is a lifestyle and a community loved by many – one that is both accessible and inviting.

Indeed, the vape scene has developed into something that goes beyond a substitute for smoking. Today, it is a world filled with gourmet inspired e-liquids and vapes, with the option to modify and customize, and events like Vaping festivals and cloud chasing parties have begun to pop up in a variety of venues across the UK and the US.

Certainly, London has begun to cater to this movement and in the city, a wide variety of vape-friendly shops, cafes, and restaurants can be found. Ultimately the vaping scene has begun to showcase a community that is alive and expanding – with like-minded users sharing space and reveling in their understanding of the benefits of vaping – such as fewer chemicals, no smoke, no smell and no tar.


5 Vape-Friendly London Hotspots:

House of Vapes

Established in 2014, House of Vapes was the first of London’s coffee and vape venues. Over the past few years, the store has expanded to include five different sites across London and, with over 150 liquids in stock – from smooth tobacco to rich brandy – there’s something for everybody.

Prohibition Vapes

Having run a successful online e-cigarette company, the folks behind Prohibition Vapes decided the time was right to create something more. Based on what we most enjoy, the coffee shop and vaping lounge was designed with relaxation in mind. Inside, customers can try and buy everything from starter kits to the best-imported juices.

Vape & Juice

Situated halfway between Highgate and Archway London Underground tube stations, Vape and Juice offers something for everyone – no matter their budget. The outlet features a vape and e-cigarette bar in the style of a counter, with the intention to create a space where you can try before you buy whilst you meet like-minded vapers aplenty.

The Wheatsheaf

The Wheatsheaf is a gorgeous, little London pub located in the heart of Borough Market. Perfect for a stop off whilst you shop, or to take visiting family and friends on a day out exploring the city, why not pop in for a craft beer and a hearty delicious meal – with a hassle-free vape for dessert.

Prospect of Whitby

In the East End of London, the Prospect of Whitby not only overlooks the River Thames but also happens to be one of London’s oldest surviving riverside pubs – dating back to 1520. Vapers are able to puff away to their heart’s content outside in the beer garden, or on the first-floor balcony and terrace.


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Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski