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What is E-Liquid

E-Liquid is the most common name for any form of liquid used in electronic cigarettes. There are countless names for e-liquid and they differ worldwide. You may have heard other names such as e-juice, vape juice or vape liquid – they all mean the same thing.

Vapour E-liquid

At Vapour, we pride ourselves on our selection of Vapour-branded TPD compliant e-liquid. And why not? It's arguable that your choice of e-liquid is what affects the experience of vaping the most.

That's why we've aimed to get e-liquid right from the start. We start with pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and pure freebase nicotine. And we guarantee that all of our e-liquid is diacetyl free.

With the ever expanding e-liquid selection available to consumers, it's easy to get lost in the selection of flavours and strengths, at the same time there's lots of smoke and mirrors around the e-liquid industry (pun intended). Vaping in general gets a bad rap because of the lack of initial legislation surrounding it, which has now been quite heavily regulated, thanks to the Tobacco Products Directive (or TPD) which we welcomed with open arms, as it took many manufacturers down who couldn't manufacture eliquids to the exacting standards required to be signed off for sale by the UK government. As a TPD registered company we're proud to be able to show that our eliquid products are produced to the standards you would expect for a product that your body is ingesting.

As for the flavours, rather than offering an enormous selection of mish-mashed flavours and letting the good ones float to the top, we seek to provide solid, high-quality single-note flavours you'll want to return to time and time again. We actively encourage mixing your own flavours, by combining our single flavour e-liquid and creating your own hybrids.

That's probably why they're our best-sellers.

Our e-liquid spans three ranges: HiPG, HiVG, 50/50 (plus 'Ice' derivatives for a cold throat hit). Each range features different flavours and suits different vape styles, but all of them live up to the exacting standards we set for ourselves.

Vapourlites Original HiPG

The HiPG range of e-liquid is where we started, and our current range of flavours is the result of tweaking over the past eight years. We offer a variety of fruit flavours as well as two styles of menthol and one tobacco flavour.

The composition is 70% PG and 30% VG, and we offer it in four nicotine strengths: 0mg (nicotine free), 3mg, 9mg, and 18mg. We've optimised the nicotine hit to mimic tobacco's feel in the throat as much as possible to provide the best experience for smokers looking to quit. HiPG (or High PG) e-liquid is best used in smaller devices that don't produce a lot of vapour, such as the Evod 650, this, along with or cigalike products is as close as you'll get to smoking a regular cigarette with an electronic cigarette.

Vapourlites HiVG

Our HiVG range of e-liquid is our answer to the explosion in sub-ohm and cloud chasing e-cigarettes in the past few years. Formulated to the same exacting standards and in many of the same flavours as our Original HiPG range, but with a much higher VG composition to drive huge vapour production.

Composition is 70% VG and 30% PG, and comes in three nicotine strengths: 0mg (nicotine free), 3mg, and 6mg. Note that our HiVG e-liquid produces much more vapour than our Original HiPG range, so a lower nicotine concentration results in a similar nicotine hit per puff. If you have a sub-ohm device and want to produce large clouds of vapour. This is the e-liquid for you.

Vapour 50/50

We formulated the 50/50 e-liquid range specifically for those looking for a middle-ground of HiVG and HiPG liquid for use sub-ohming or in smaller mouth-to-lung devices, which at the same time doesn't compromise on flavour. We've focused on rich flavours to match the rich clouds of vapour.

Composition here is 50% VG and 50% PG, and comes in four nicotine strengths: 0mg (nicotine free), 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. As this is a 50/50 liquid, you'll probably find that it both produces low clouds in MTL (mouth-to-lung) devices, whilst also producing larger clouds of e-liquid vapour in sub-ohm devices.

The Vapour promise

At Vapour, we ensure that every e-liquid we sell lives up to our standards of quality and taste. If for any reason you're not totally satisfied with your e-liquid, let us know within 60 days and we'll issue you a refund.

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