Vapour Evod 650 Battery

A replacement backup battery for the EVOD 650 Starter Kit.


Vapour EVOD 650 Spare Battery

The EVOD 650 Battery is a replacement/spare battery for one of our most popular e-cigs the EVOD 650 Starter Kit, ideally paired with a Vapour H4 Dual Coil Clearomizer. It is a glossy-black 650 mAh rechargeable lithium battery charged via an  microUSB cable. This can be purchased separately. A full charge will give you approximately 6 hours of vaping - depending on usage, and the battery can be recharged about 300 times before battery capacity begins to diminish. Battery life is preserved using Vapour's Automatic Cut-Off protection, which shuts down power to the battery when the firing button hasn't been pressed for 10 seconds or longer. Additionally, five presses of the firing key will lock and unlock the battery to prevent misfiring in a pocket or bag. Please always read and follow the supplied battery safety instructions before use.

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