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Menthol Alternatives

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Menthol Cigarette Alternatives

With the UK banning menthol cigarettes, many are turning to menthol cigarette alternatives to get both their nicotine fix and menthol flavour.


What are my options?

Well firstly, if you’re moving straight from traditional cigarettes, we’d recommend either the VL4 or the Menthol VL5 – these typically look like a cigarette and are subbed Menthol ‘Cigalikes‘. The VL4 is re-usable and the VL5 is disposable.

With the VL4, you would first need to purchase our base VL4 Starter Kit, you could then add menthol cartomizers to the device.

With the VL5, you get around 250 ‘puffs’, which is equivalent to around 20 cigarettes, so depending on how much you smoke, one of these may last you a full day. We also sell these in multipacks of 10.

If you’re looking to take this as an opportunity to move into vaping, and quit smoking – you could move on to one of our EVOD 650 Starter Kits, with our popular menthol e-liquid as a menthol cigarette alternative.

There are also some bundles above which we have put together from smokers looking to make the switch from menthol cigarettes to vaping.

If you are looking for advice on menthol cigarette alternatives, feel free to reach out to our helpful customer care team on 0333 323 7733 they will be able to advise you, based on your requirements.


Why are Menthol Cigarettes being banned in the UK?

The EU Tobacco Products Directive has determined that Menthol Cigarettes are a gateway to smoking, as they characterise flavour.

I mean, let’s face it Tobacco isn’t a great flavour, and lots of smokers take up smoking menthols as the flavour is a little more muted. This is why TPD has determined that menthol cigarettes should be banned.


When did the Menthol Ban start?

The ‘menthol ban’ was brought into effect on the 20th of March, 2020. Meaning that you now cannot buy menthol flavoured cigarettes in the UK.

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