We all have a favourite flavour when it comes to electronic cigarettes, even if you haven’t discovered it yet through a lack of experimentation. But which flavour should you try first, and what does it mean when you find your favourite one? Read on to discover all sorts of amazing and sometimes not entirely made up information regarding what each e-liquid flavour says about you.

Tobacco E-Liquid

Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid Made in Britain by Vapourlites

One sure fire sign that you’re a traditionalist is that you have no time for these fancy flavours that other (less important) people go for. You know what you want from your e-cig and it sure as hell isn’t notes of watermelon dancing down your throat when you take a puff. Does this mean that you lack adventure, are secretly afraid of watermelons or are just utterly intimidated by all the strange and wonderful things the world has to offer? No, of course not, it just means that when you want to taste a watermelon then you’ll eat a watermelon.

Buy tobacco flavoured e-liquid if you simply have more pressing matters to attend to such as important sitting around or several crucial cute kitten videos to watch.

Menthol E-Liquid

Being a fan of menthol flavour can mean either of two things: you’re a hothead with a fiery temper but also with a strong conscience that leads to a deep sense of duty and desire to calm the fires that burn within you with the cold-sensitive-receptor-triggering menthol flavouring, or you’re a cold-hearted potential assassin with borderline sociopathic tendencies who will strike at thine enemies from the front or the back with equal glee. I suppose there could be a third reason, in that you just like the refreshing taste that menthol provides, but that’s pretty boring.

Only buy menthol e-liquid if you can handle the freshness.

Vanilla E-Liquid

Vanilla lovers are an interesting bunch as you’d think they were rather bland and lacking in imagination, but intensive studies conducted somewhere probably have revealed that they are actually the complete opposite… maybe. Favouring vanilla flavour actually indicates a superior ability to appreciate the finer things in life. Expect to see vanilla-flavoured e-cigarette vapers dining out at the finest restaurants and occasionally employing small poor people to fan them with giant palm tree leaves.

Buy vanilla e-liquid if you have a few moments to spare before your private 70ft yacht embarks on yet another round the world cruise.

Cherry E-Liquid

I guarantee that if you’re a cherry flavour fan then you just skipped all the others and came straight to this part. Am I right? I’m right. It’s because you’re impulsive, spontaneous and live for the moment. Every second of your existence is an adventure, though you do tend to spend half your day having these adventures in your head as you’re prone to excessive daydreaming. But you’re creative, friendly and polite, and will most often be spotted vaping while gazing whimsically at sombreros in a charity shop window while holding a banjo you bought because, well, you know, it’s a banjo.

I’d invite you to buy cherry e-liquid but knowing you, you’ve probably already bought it.

I Don't Have a Favourite E-Liquid

Okay, so you might be reading this and thinking to yourself ‘I’m not any of these things and I actually like all of those flavours. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? WHO AM I? I HAVE NO IDENTITY!’ Well, I’ll tell you what it means: it means you are fiercely individual and refuse any and all labels and dance to your own beat. You also have occasional bouts of intense self-doubt which manifest themselves in your thoughts being quoted in all-caps in random articles on the internet. Other than that, you’re a generally well-adjusted soul.

Remain well-adjusted and buy all the e-liquid flavours before you realise that we've made it all up from our over active imagination.

British Pharmaceutical Grade E-Liquids

And remember, our E-Liquids were developed and manufactured in Britain and contain only Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients. It is NOT imported from China, and is the highest quality available in the UK.

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace

AKA ‘Chris 2′ – Chris Wallace heads up Loyalty and Marketing at Vapour and is responsible for looking after our customers pockets, ensuring that loyalty is rewarded fairly. Chris works closely with the procurement team to ensure that we have the latest and greatest vaping products that you want! Having owned 3 of them, Chris’ favourite mod is the VooPoo Drag. You’ll always find him with a pocket full of batteries as his biggest fear is running out of power! FUN FACT: Chris has completed Tinder.