Vapourlites are absolutely thrilled to announce our new re-brand, changing our name from Vapourlites, to (VAPOUR), dropping the ‘lites’.

The move comes as the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) 2014, questions the use of the term ‘light’ or ‘lites’ which describes cigarettes or e-cigarettes by retailers. It is therefore to be replaced or removed and therefore re-branded. The TPD has instigated new rules which ensures that the minimum standards for the safety and quality of e-cigarettes is regulated and adhered to by users and retailers.

Cigarettes and e-cigarettes can no longer feature the term ‘lites’ or ‘light’ which insinuates that they are less harmful to smoke than regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes. And so, Vapourlites has become

Vapourlites has worked incredibly hard to ensure vapers experience little change to their routine when switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Since July 2017, Vapourlites own branded e-liquids and hardware has achieved TPD compliance status and all products produced and sold by Vapourlites is now recorded with the MHRA and ‘declared’ to indicate it has been approved for sale.

The new name for Vapourlites, is now VAPOUR ‘don’t smoke just vape’.

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski