Vapourlites’ Starter Kits have always been great value, but they’ve just got even better.

We are very pleased to announce that all of our starter kits and replacement cartomizers are now being made using our 100% UK manufactured Pharma+ e-liquid. it is still the same taste that you know and love so much, but now we are able to use the same e-liquid that we have been using in our signature range of juices since their release earlier this year.

We’re very proud of our Pharma+ E-Liquid. It isn’t just ‘sourced’ in the UK as some manufacturers state (which does NOT mean it is produced in the UK or to UK pharmaceutical standards, it just means that the person doing the sourcing was in the UK when they did it) but it is 100% made in the UK to British pharmaceutical standards. This ensures that you can be confident in the quality, consistency and safety of our e-liquids. We are also one of the few companies who can produce both the MSDS (material safety data sheet) and the CoA (certificate of Analysis) to back up our claims.

A Vapourlites Dream Realised

This is something Vapourlites been working towards for some time now, but it has taken a lot of research and development to ensure we were able to match the flavour perfectly. We’re glad we waited though as now you can continue to enjoy the same great taste but with the added benefit of our Pharma+ e-liquid.

Strengths and Flavours of Pharma+ Cartomizers

The Pharma+ refill cartomizers will be featured in both the traditional tobacco and the refreshing menthol flavours. Plus, while the Starter Kits feature cartomizers with 16mg of nicotine (the most popular strength), you can buy replacement cartomizers with a whole range of nicotine strengths starting from the strongest at 20mg, then working down through 16mg, 11mg and 6mg. There is always the option of zero nicotine cartomizers as well which are perfect for making that final step to being nicotine-free.

And if you’re still deciding if you will make the switch or not, rest assured that all Pharma+ e-liquid is made with pharmaceutical-grade nicotine in adherence with UK regulations. In fact, it’s worth stating again that all of the ingredients we use in the Pharma+ e-liquid adhere to UK regulations. When you know that a lot of e-liquid is outsourced overseas and isn’t regulated to the standards we are used to in the UK, you begin to understand why we like to bang the drum for products so loudly.

Transition Period

While we make the crossover we do still have a small amount of old stock left, and so we have decided to reward you, our loyal customers, by heavily discounting these products – but once they’re gone, they’re gone – so get in quickly.

Now Pharma+ e-juice is available in the cartomizers of the cig-a-likes as well as our wide selection of flavoured e-liquids, so you can’t help but find a high quality vape that suits you. So get your orders in and start enjoying the best vaping experience in town brought to you by Vapourlites and Pharma+ e-liquid.

Emma Marsh
Emma Marsh

Emma is our resident e-liquid expert, with over 10 years in the vaping industry there's not a flavour that Emma hasn't tried. She's a huge advocate of those dessert flavours (no calories in vape, right?) and isn't a huge fan of koolada. When she's not punching informative content out on our blog, she's driving round the country picking up parts that have fallen off her beloved Alfa Romeo.