Smoking as a student is a nuisance – and your student life is quite possibly compromised as a direct result of your smoking habits. Whether it’s having to leave lectures for a cigarette break (not the worst thing in the world) or frequently losing your friends in the club due to lonely trips to the smoking area (the worst thing in the world), being a smoker can be an annoying commitment at times.

However, lots of students are heading home for the Easter break this week, and we can’t help but think the start of spring is a perfect time to ditch the death sticks and jump on the vape-wagon!

Here’s our handy student guide to making the all-important transition:


As a smoker, you had to remember to have two things on your person at all time; a packet of cigarettes and a lighter were all you had to remember. However, your new found love of vaping will mean you have to be prepared with different equipment – an e-cigarette, bottle of e-liquid, battery and charger should do it.

If you have lectures/tutorials all day long, or a long day planned revising at the library, then you probably won’t have time to run back to your uni halls; always ensure your e-cig is fully charged and you have a spare battery and extra e-liquid in your bag.


Smoking – for all its faults – is extremely convenient. You can usually buy cigarettes anywhere, be it a supermarket, newsagent or machine in a pub or bar. This means you will never have had to worry in the past about being caught without your nicotine fix.

Unlike cigarettes, vape gear isn’t always readily available, and even though it can be found at most of the same places, the selection will be limited. If you’re used to buying a certain e-cig, e-liquid etc from your home town then make sure you stock up on enough supplies to last you the entire term at university.

That said, just because you have a favourite flavour, doesn’t mean experimentation isn’t a great idea! Living in another city means you might find a new vape store with a range of different e-liquid flavours you’ve never tried before, and it can be great fun checking out all the other options.

Furthermore, uni is as much about socialising as it is studying, and visiting vape stores is a great way to meet fellow, likeminded vapers and make new friends.

Social clubs

Following on from the last point, your university is bound to have a vape society or social club which will allow you to meet other vapers, try new products and share vape gear. If you’re university doesn’t have one already, then you could always start one up! Societies are a great way to meet like-minded people, make new friends and last but not least, they’re a great excuse for a night out!

Vaping Etiquette

This is the big one – you knew how to act as a smoker, but vaping etiquette is a whole new board game you need to get to grips with.

When you were a smoker, rules and regulations were very clear; you were only permitted to smoke in private and all public places were a total no-no. With vaping however, things are more complicated and up in the air; when e-cigs were first introduced you could vape practically anywhere however now some places are starting to ban the use of them. Ensure you find out the specific rules that your campus has concerning vaping and follow them accordingly.

Remember, even places where vaping is permitted require respect for non-vapers. Always be considerate of people who may not wish to inhale the vaper from your e-cigarette, and be sure to ask first if people around you mind if you vape.

After all, we want to give vaping a good name and maybe even recruit some smokers to make the switch!

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski