As with all electrical devices, E-cigarette batteries are at risk of exploding if they’re not handled correctly.

E-cigarette explosions are an unfortunate side effect of not being properly informed about the do’s and don’ts of charging your battery. However, these incidents are avoidable; if all safety procedures are correctly followed then the chances of an explosion are almost non-existent (1 in 10 million – study by Battery University).

Follow our handy guide in order to avoid accidents and stay safe while you vape!

1) Use the correct charger

It’s hugely important to use the charger that comes with your battery – the highest cause of exploding batteries is using iPad and iPod chargers in place of their designated E-cig charger.

2) Buy from a reputable supplier

Often E-cigarette batteries are brought into the UK from overseas which do not have the CE mark of safety. Ensure that when you buy any e-cigarette electrical components, the device shows the CE (Conformité Européene) mark, as this means the manufacturer has complied with the essential requirements of the European health and safety legislation.
Any E-cigarette without this mark is in fact illegal and shouldn’t be sold within the EU.
Any unbranded chargers should be avoided like the plague; this means they are not compliant with EU regulations and hence carry safety risks such as overheating of the charger, exploding of the battery, causing fires and even electric shocks.

3) Avoid exposing your battery to heat, cold and direct sunlight

Extreme heat can lead to serious battery damage; this is due to the resin melting and deforming, leading to electrolyte leakage and explosions. Never leave your e-cigarette out in the sun or near a radiator and avoid taking it into conditions of extreme heat such as a sauna or Bikram yoga studio.

4) Do not drop your battery in water

For obvious reasons, water and electricity don’t mix. If your battery comes into contact with water, completely cease use and dispose of it safely at a local hazardous waste disposal facility.

5) Regularly clean your battery

Not many people would think this was necessary, but cleaning your battery often (weekly if possible) is important for E-cigarette safety. Dust, dirt and gunk build-up is never good for your device, so gently clean it off with a tissue, cotton bud or alcohol wipe. Remember, never use water to attempt to clean your battery; water + electricity = safety disaster!!

6) Do not carry battery in pocket with metal (coins etc.)

Avoid carrying exposed e-cigarette batteries around in your pocket with your keys, coins or other metallic objects – especially if the battery connection is exposed!

7) Always turn your battery off when it’s not in use

Avoid leaving your E-cigarette battery on when you’re not using it. If you’re travelling on an aeroplane this is especially important – ensure the battery is off when storing it in overhead lockers or hand luggage.

8) Do not leave charging batteries unattended or leave them to charge overnight

Leaving your battery connected to the charging point when it’s fully charged is dangerous and you run the risk of overheating your battery and causing a fire/explosion.
Keep an eye on a charging E-cigarette battery and unplug it once it’s fully charged, this should not take more than four hours for most models.
Leaving an e-cigarette charging whilst you sleep is extremely hazardous; fires have been started and spread this way due to the E-cigarette owner not being present to notice the battery start to overheat.
House fires can be hugely damaging, both emotionally and physically, so observing the safety rules when it comes to E-cigarettes is

9) Do not screw the battery into the charger too tightly

Connect the charger to the power source and then gently screw the battery in until the light flashes.

10) Do not mix and match components from different e-cig brands

E-cigarettes are complex pieces of equipment; each brand is slightly different and therefore certain components may not be compatible with one another. Buy from one reputable brand and stick to it!

Emma Marsh
Emma Marsh

Emma is our resident e-liquid expert, with over 10 years in the vaping industry there's not a flavour that Emma hasn't tried. She's a huge advocate of those dessert flavours (no calories in vape, right?) and isn't a huge fan of koolada. When she's not punching informative content out on our blog, she's driving round the country picking up parts that have fallen off her beloved Alfa Romeo.