Here we go with the fourth edition of our E-Liquid Recipe blogs, featuring a splendid selection of awesome flavours you can mix yourself from the Vapourlites Pharma+ e-liquid range. This time we have a special dessert vape for you, a couple of old school flavours with new and exciting twists, plus a little something for those who still like to vape tobacco flavours.

Don’t forget that all of the Pharma+ range of e-liquids are 100% manufactured in the UK using pharmaceutical grade ingredients, so you know you are only mixing the highest quality e-liquids when you experiment with these e-liquid recipes. We’re also looking forward to hearing from our customers with their own favourite flavour combinations, so if you have a recipe you like then get in touch and let us know so we can feature it in our regular e-juice recipe blogs.

After Dinner Special Flavour

This one is so called because it’s a perfect dessert vape for enjoying after a hearty meal. Chocolate and coffee flavours have been mixed and blended since time began (or since they were each discovered at least, probably), and it’s because there is a synergy between the two which has led to any number of beverages, cakes, snacks and treats containing some element of each flavour.

For the same tantalising taste in your vapour, mix one part Chocomel with one part Café Crème e-liquid. Exactly how big those parts are will be determined by which flavour you want to dominate, but the combination definitely works best with no more than a 60/40 split. It’s a very relaxing vape, so ensure you have your slippers to hand and some gentle music playing in the background.


• Chocomel E-Liquid
• Café Crème E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  40-60% Chocomel + 40-60% Café Crème

Golden Apple Flavour

Most of these Vapourlites Recipe blogs focus on mixing the various fruity or sweet flavours, but there are a good few tobacco flavours in the Pharma+ range which deserve a little attention too. The tobaccos are often very receptive to another flavour enhancing them, and that’s especially the case when you add in a little Apple flavour to the Virginia Tobacco flavoured e-liquid.

This is definitely a flavour combination for those who prefer the taste of tobacco, but adding in just a dash of apple really refreshes the taste of the tobacco with every inhalation. This combination can turn a tobacco flavour into an all day vape that never gets boring.


Virginia Tobacco E-Liquid
Apple E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  80-90% Virginia Tobacco + 10-20% Apple

Boiled Sweet Flavour

Remember those hard boiled sweets your grandmother swore by? We may not think to buy them anymore now we’re all grown up with important TV shows to watch, but you can recreate that granny-approved goodness by mixing some Grape flavoured e-liquid with a little Ice Mint flavour. The same effect can also be achieved by mixing the Ice Mint with Very Cherry flavour, though my preference is for the Grape every time. Let us know what you think though.

This certainly isn’t an all day vape (in my humble opinion), but it makes for a refreshing change that tastes differently enough from other flavours to keep you on your toes. The grape tones really come alive when the Ice Mint works its magic, making every inhalation and exhalation a nostalgic stroll down memory lane.


Grape E-Liquid or Very Cherry E-Liquid
• Ice Mint E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  70% Grape or Cherry + 30% Ice Mint

Vaniseed Flavour

I’ve never been a great fan of aniseed flavour in any form to be honest. I suppose it’s a Marmite situation where you either love it or hate it. However, it is a flavour that plays well with others and you’ll be seeing a few of these recipes featuring a combination of Vapourlites’ aniseed e-liquid, called Black Jack after the famous old sweet, with a few other flavours we’ve discovered work well with it.

First up is Vanilla Pod e-liquid, which is another e-liquid flavour that mixes well with a great number of other flavours. This combination takes the sharp edge off of the aniseed, but allows its deeper tones to become the main focus of the taste sensations you’ll experience. Vaping this blend of aniseed and vanilla really opened my eyes to possibilities of aniseed e-liquid flavouring. I’m looking forward to discovering if other flavours taste equally good with it.


• Black Jack E-Liquid
Vanilla Pod E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  40-60% Black Jack + 40-60% Vanilla Pod

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace

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