This third instalment of Vapourlites E-Liquid Recipe blogs includes a flavour combination that has been a luxurious stalwart of the chocolate industry for decades as well a previously mentioned flavour with a seriously delicious enhancement. There are battles for flavour domination alongside blends so perfectly meshed together that you’ll barely be able to identify the original ingredients (apart from the fact you’re probably the one mixing them together). Don’t forget to let us know what you think of these e-liquid recipes when you try them and to get in touch with any ideas or flavour combinations you have experimented with yourself.

1. Chocolate Orange Flavour

One of the most luxurious chocolate treats (for me anyway) has always been Terry’s Chocolate Orange. The spherical snack made of up of perfectly sized chocolate chunks was awesome even before they started airing adverts spoofing the scene where Indiana Jones is chased by the giant rolling ball in Raiders of the Lost Ark (only with a giant Chocolate Orange, of course).

You can recreate the Terry’s Chocolate Orange experience (the taste experience that is, not the being chased through a cave experience) in your vape by using Vapourlites’ Chocomel e-liquid and mixing in a little of the Citrus Zing flavour. The tanginess of the orange compliments the chocolate flavour with its caramel undertones. You might even want to keep a tank dedicated to this flavour combination 24/7, as it’s perfect for every situation and is an ideal all day vape.


• Chocomel E-Liquid
• Citrus Zing E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  70% Chocomel + 30% Citrus Zing

2. Iceberry Flavour

Some flavour combinations blend together to create a whole new taste sensation, while others clash and compete and often bring the very best out of each other. This flavour blend is one of the latter, as the Strawberry e-liquid doesn’t exactly fully mesh with the Ice Mint flavour, but they don’t half bring the best out of each other. (This blend working so well has actually got me excited to try other flavour combos that you might not think would work together, so watch this space for some bizarre concoctions in the future!)

Vaping this Strawberry and Ice Mint flavour combination is a bit of an adventure as you never really know which flavour will dominate in each inhalation or exhalation. You might get a strong rush of refreshing mint with strawberry undertones on the inhale, while the strawberry will wrest dominance of the flavour on the exhale. It’s really quite exhilarating.


Strawberry E-Liquid
Ice Mint E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  50-60%% Strawberry + 40-50% Ice Mint

3. Amazing Cake Flavour

Now, we’ve mentioned the wondrous combination of Chocomel and Banana Split before (in our second instalment of the E-Liquid Recipe blogs), but we loved it so much that we couldn’t help but keep playing with it. And that’s when we discovered a whole new vaping sensation. By adding in an equal amount of Vanilla Pod e-liquid to the mix, the chocolate and banana flavours blended in new ways not possible when mixed with just themselves. It’s more than just a flavoursome treat now, it tastes like you’re vaping an entire cake.

The caramel and banana tones are still there in abundance, but the additional vanilla flavour blends them together in such a harmonious way that if you close your eyes while vaping this flavour combo, you may just forget that you’re vaping and think you’re actually eating one of the finest cakes ever made by anyone.


• Chocomel E-Liquid
Banana Nut E-Liquid
Vanilla Pod E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  30-40% Chocomel + 30-40% Banana Split + 30-40% Vanilla Pod

4. The Grapeful Red Flavour

This is one for those people with a sweet tooth among us. It is fruity and it is delicious, but if you don’t like your e-liquid super sweet then you may want to stop reading now and start mixing up one of the e-liquid recipes described above. The Grape flavour in the Vapourlites Pharma + range of e-liquids is pretty sweet already, but combined with the other super sweet flavour, Very Cherry, the sweetness is taken to a whole new level.

The two flavours actually combine surprisingly well too. There are subtle layers of flavour in both the grape and the cherry, and they all intertwine effortlessly. You’ll notice the differing layers, but you barely notice that you have combined two separate and distinct flavours together because of how naturally they blend together.


Grape E-Liquid
Very Cherry E-Liquid

Recommended Mix:  50% Grape + 50% Very Cherry

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace

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