Vaping is the trend of the moment with both ex-smokers and non-smokers trying it out. For an ex-smoker the appeal is obvious, but why are people who have never smoked vaping?

It could be due to the fact that the vaping movement has turned into more of a hobby. It has developed into a social scene all of its own with a strong community of vapers who chat and meet up to enjoy their latest pastime. There are many online forums where people can discuss everything about vaping from the best flavour mixes to which tank is best. For gadget lovers, the constant new hardware and the ability to customise or modify the devices is also an attraction.

Vaping has become a way for some to relax and unwind after the stresses of the day. Over the last couple of years vape lounges have been popping up in many US cities offering vapers a place to hangout in a coffee shop environment. The UK has started to follow suit with bars and lounges gradually opening up allowing people to buy and try different flavour combinations in a relaxing location.

Events organised for vapers to come together are also on the rise. UK Vapefest is a free summer festival that first started in 2010. This August, vapers will converge on a showground in Shrewsbury for a weekend of entertainment.

E-cigarettes have had wide coverage in the news recently and even though some organisations are trying to ban them, they are still soaring in popularity. With the strong social aspect being a big part of the appeal, you can see why.

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski