Making the switch to vaping isn’t just beneficial for your health- it also contributes to a healthy, happy environment!

We all recycle, try to limit our use of fossil fuels and use bags for life – but if a huge portion of us are still smoking then our environment is still going to suffer; did you know discarded cigarette butts are the world’s largest source of ground pollution?!

Moreover, growing tobacco for cigarettes is a hugely toxic process; harmful chemicals and radioactive fertiliser is used in abundance in the tobacco fields and these chemicals being released into the environment not only pollutes the air but is also a potential risk for animals who ingest them.

Cigarette butts

Switching to e-cigarettes means cigarette butts will be a thing of the past – and this is one of the best moves you can make towards protecting our environment.

Cigarette butts are made up of chemicals and a whole lot of nasty, environment hating materials; these are also non-biodegradable which means they take a good few decades to break down. Recent studies have shown that they can take as long as a decade to disintegrate completely!

Cigarette smokers tend to be irresponsible with their butts, tossing them carelessly onto the ground or out of car windows – and as explained above – this can have a devastating effect on a wide range of environmental issues.

Threats to wildlife

As they are de-composing over decades, they are simultaneously releasing the chemicals and un-environmentally friendly materials (e.g. fibreglass) into the ground, creating toxins and pollution in water and earth and even posing a huge risk to any animals which happen to come across the polluted earth/water.

As well as the toxins they produce when de-composing, cigarette butts can also resemble items of food to animals and hence often end up getting ingested by fish, mammals, reptiles and birds. This is a serious matter as the wildlife in question are often killed by either the toxins or simply choking on the cigarette butt; they are often indigestible and therefore get stuck in the throat of an animal causing choking or a throat blockage.

Why make the switch?

E-cigarettes provide a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to cigarettes; they are reusable and hence don’t leave behind a trail of cigarette butts and toxic chemicals.

Unlike cigarettes, they wouldn’t be carelessly tossed to the ground and forgotten about; they are also recyclable and made to last a long time – one single cartomiser is equivalent to 40 cigarettes!

To conclude…

If you’re an environmentally minded person or even just have a sense of world responsibility then you’ll understand the importance of doing your bit to keep our earth clean. Make the smoking to vaping switch today and not only will you do wonders for your own health but you’ll be helping the planet in the process – it’s a no brainer!

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski