A Billion Lives is a documentary set to change the world. It will reveal the truth of government failure, big business and the vaping revolution. As the first of its kind, A Billion Lives could make history by revealing to the world what has been kept from them and misconstrued in so many forms, it’s hard to tell reality from fiction, like a scene from Inception.

The documentary will focus on the misconceptions around vaping and debunking the lies produced by the anti-vaping movement. Unfortunately, when A Billion Lives promotion team tried to post adverts on Facebook to spread awareness of the honest documentary they were stopped in their tracks. Yesterday, Facebook deemed the documentary a “tobacco product”. Yes, they labelled a film as a tobacco product. Now, in the past e-cigarettes have been likened to cigarettes too many times to account, but that could be forgiven, a TV programme? That is ridiculous! According to Facebook a documentary which lifts the lid on big tobacco, big pharma and whistleblowing government shortfalls in the attempt to preserve life is deemed a tobacco product.

Effectively, Facebook have backtracked on all things they claim to stand for; free speech, making the world a more open environment and connecting people. Aaron Biebert, A Billion Lives filmmaker has penned an open letter to Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg in a plea to rethink their decision, saying “You call our film a tobacco product, yet we are trying to help people quit. You promise to make the world more open, but you are closing it off.” Read his entire statement here. The move simply does not make sense and is yet another setback for the vaping industry.

The whole A Billion Lives campaign is based around freedom of information, knowledge and helping people, and that just can’t be done without being seen. Now if Facebook aren’t going to offer their help then we need yours instead, so please spread the word and share this article and use the hashtag #ABillionLives.

Here are some shareable graphics from the website, feel free to show your support and pass on the message.

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace

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