Here at Vapourlites, the only ‘clouds’ we like are ones of the e-cigarette variety. If you’re lucky enough to be going away for some much needed sun, but you’re worrying about all the different vaping rules and regulations, then worry no more. Our handy guide explains everything from how to get through security, vaping in the airport and how to store your gear.

Read on to ensure you’re not caught out abroad – after all, what’s a holiday without your vape pen by your side?!

First Things First…

We’ve all done it – brought our toothbrush along without the charger, packed our electric fan without the batteries etc…
Use our vaping checklist to make sure you pack savvy:

Cartridges – These devices hold the all-important nicotine e-liquid. You probably wont be able to find any replacement cartridges on your journey, so make sure you bring enough for the duration of your trip – we recommend you bring a little extra to ensure you’re prepared in the event of any pesky delays.

Batteries – Pack 2 or more batteries for your trip so you’re covered even if you lose one, or one is being charged up.

Charging device – Last but certainly not least – don’t forget to pack your charger! If travelling by car bring your car charger along. Similarly if you’re staying at a hotel bring your regular charger and if you own a Personal Charging Case (PCC), pack that too if you plan to be out and about a lot visiting the sites.

All other supplies – We cannot emphasise enough the importance of packing sufficient supplies for your e-cigarette. Whilst e-cigarettes are growing in popularity every day and hence becoming more and more available in convenience stores and tobacco shops, it is often difficult to find the right part for your specific vaping device. Avoid the headache by ensuring you’re stocked up before you take your trip.

Getting Through Security

With the exception of Dubai, getting your e-cigarette through customs shouldn’t be a problem. Just ensure that it is fully charged so that you can turn it on as this may be required. In Dubai, e-cigarettes have been confiscated during both transit and departure.

Taking your E-cigarette on a Plane:

Most airlines allow e-cigarettes to be taken on board, but it’s best to double check before flying. Easy Jet, for example, allow you to take an e-cig on board with a maximum of two spare batteries. British Airways allow E-cigarettes on board but any spare batteries must be stored in secure packaging; lose batteries in hand luggage are strictly forbidden.

Wondering whether to pack your e-cigarette in your checked baggage? Wonder no more. The International Civil Aviation Organization has amended the 2015-2016 edition of its ‘Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (ICAO Doc 9284) which prohibits any vape devices in checked-in luggage. This is due to past incidents where batteries and devices were not stored properly and caused fires in the baggage area. Yikes. Hand luggage it is!


Liquids going in your hand luggage are restricted to 100 ml, and a bottle of e-liquid is no exception.  Since most e-liquid is sold in 30 ml proportions, you should be fine, just be sure to put the bottles in clear plastic bags. If your bottle of e-liquid is particularly large, you should be sure to pack this with your checked in baggage.

Oh and finally, bring a packet of Kleenex; we’ve learnt the hard way that air cabin pressure can sometimes cause tanks/clearomisers to leak…

What about the airport? Can you vape in the departures lounge?

It depends largely on the specific airport and country – most European airports have designated smoking rooms where you can go to vape judgement free, however you will have to put up with the smoke from real cigarettes. London Heathrow’s terminal 4 opened a designated vaping room in 2013 – we only hope the rest follow suit!

Using your e-cig whilst in the Air

Can you vape on a plane? Don’t even think about it. Ryan Air has been known to allow passengers to buy an on-board smokeless cigarette, however using your own is strictly forbidden – even charging it is prohibited.
And if you’re going to the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar etc) or flying QuatarAirways be extra careful; people have been arrested and thrown in jail for using e-cigarettes on their planes.

For the daredevils amongst you, vaping doesn’t generally set off the smoke alarms in an aeroplane toilet, but it has been done before – we seriously recommend you lay off the vape pen until you’re on dry land!

So Where in the World can you Legally Vape?!

Once you’ve got to your destination successfully with your e-cigarette, it’s important to know the particular country’s rules regarding vaping. A lot of countries with bans on e-cigarettes generally place the ban on sellers rather than users; this means using e-cigarettes for your own use won’t get you into trouble.
Study our extensive list of countries and their attitudes towards vaping before you take your e-cig on holiday with you!

Vaping is permitted in some EU and other countries:

• China
• Costa Rica
• Czech Republic
• Estonia
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Israel
• Italy
• Ireland
• Latvia
• Malta
• The Netherlands
• Poland
• Russia
• South Korea
• Ukraine
• United States

Vaping is limited in the following countries:

• Australia
• Canada
• Denmark
• Finland
• Japan
• Hong Kong
• Hungary
• Iran
• New Zealand
• Norway
• South Africa
• Sweden
• Switzerland

Note: Limitations in these countries usually mean that e-cigarettes come under medical care and you should be allowed to bring your own products to the country for personal use. However buying and selling products with nicotine is prohibited.

Vaping is forbidden in the following countries:

• Argentina
• Austria
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Brunei
• Colombia
• Egypt
• Indonesia
• Jordan
• Malaysia
• Mexico
• Oman
• Panama
• Singapore
• Taiwan
• Tajikistan
• Thailand
• Turkey
• United Arab Emirates
• Uruguay
• Venezuela

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski