E-cigarettes have come a long way since they first entered the marketplace. As a result, you’re probably reading this article thinking about how to make the transition from conventional cigarettes to electronic, as smoothly as possible. With mounting scientific and anecdotal evidence that supports the use of e-cigs in order to reduce smoking habits, we’re here to tell you some top tips and lots of useful information to encourage this process of converting with relative ease.

Buy quality

With the ever-increasing demand for e-cigarettes, there are more and more companies out there that are selling their products on the cheap, which results in a less than satisfactory user experience. In a lot of Chinese e-cigs, the body of device doubles as the battery, where as in Vapourlites, the body is a hollow box meaning that the battery can be removed. It is those batteries that will deliver heightened power and reliability.

Different liquids

What all vapors have in common is that they all use liquid that consists of propylene glycol, glycerin or a mix of the two to stabilise their flavours and to produce a smoke effect when vaporized. Therefore, it’s a good idea to try different liquids and read up on the different affects of one from another to ensure you receive the best value for money. Also, plan ahead so that you have plenty of e-liquid to hand, just in case when you do run out, you don’t revert back to analogs.

Remember to stay charged

Charging the battery, which powers the cartomizer that turns nicotine liquid into the vapour that you inhale is an absolute must. While the atomizer will stay the same as you continue to use your e-cigarette, the amount of charge in your battery will eventually drain, meaning a dip in voltage. This is particularly evident in high capacity batteries, so remember to charge it on a regular basis to keep your device in tiptop shape.

Manage your expectations

While the aesthetics of vaping compared to traditional smoking is the same, the process of inhaling is a lot different. The correct way to vape is to not inhale directly into the lungs, like you do with a tobacco cigarette. You want to draw the vapour into your mouth, and then inhale it into your lungs. You then want to take a long draw of about 4-6 seconds; compared to the 1-2 seconds you used to take. Expect it to be different, because it is.

These tips for switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes will make for a much more pleasant experience.

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski