With the continuing success of e-cigs and more and more smokers making the switch to vaping, the inventive and often hilarious television and web-based anti-smoking commercials may just become a thing of the past. With that in mind, we've chosen the Top Five most hilarious stop-smoking ads that make us laugh and make us think.

In descending order…

5) A smoker's crafty ploy to speed his pack of cigarettes to his side is scuppered by his wily (but obviously caring) wife, proving that the bigger the toy, the weaker the ploy!

4) Probably one of the funniest anti-smoking ads you'll see, this mock-promotion of a product called 'Nico Breeze' uses irony like a sledge-hammer to bring home the message that stopping smoking really is like a breath of fresh air!

3) A smoker beats his opponent – a mean looking cigarette – at ping pong… or does he? A truly thought-provoking ad that demonstrates that smoking does indeed kill!

2) Brace yourself – this startlingly funny commercial drops its message on the viewer with crashing finality.

1) A corpulent carpet-fitter takes a breather after fitting a living room carpet. But before he can have his cigarette break, he notices an unsightly lump in his freshly-flattened carpet…

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace

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