Summer is here, so let’s lay on the beach, soak up some sun and sip margaritas! – okay, maybe not! But then again, with warmer temperatures creeping in and every green space under the sun in full blossom, it’s hard not to show our excitement. So despite the clouds insisting to stay and acting as a party-pooper, we thought we would gather some enthusiasm and momentum for when summer does well and truly begin and equip our vaping enthusiasts; both old and new to some of our most-loved summer e-liquid flavours and those that will see you through your favourite summer pastimes. So now you can enjoy every aspect of summer in a single vape! And remember the best part to vaping is mixing – get yourself hooked on a heavenly sweet combo that will see you through.

Before you indulge, there a number of things to remember when summer comes around. Battery life for your e-cigarette lasts longer than it does in winter (strange we know). By no means, leave your e-cigarette baking in the sun and remember to only charge your e-cigarette to 85% capacity as you don’t want to risk it breaking down when you need it most.


Wimbledon is fast approaching and the nation is gearing up to watch two weeks of tennis! What better way to demonstrate your patriotism than to vape with the country’s most classic combo; strawberries and cream! Whether you are watching from the court lines or the comfort of your local pub, have your glass of Cava (pretending it’s Lanson Champagne) at the ready and be sure to vape set and match. Bord02 has a fantastic option for this classic British flavour and once purchased, the ball will be entirely in your court!



Queen’s birthday

We Brits are as patriotic as they come. From lining the streets for Kate and Wills wedding to celebrating the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, we know how to party – the British way! Queen Elizabeth turns 90 this June and to help keep up the tradition, a classic afternoon tea never goes amiss! Here at Vapourlites, we are proud of our Vape mixology no1 flavour; a combination of apple, custard and a hint of vanilla and brown sugar. If you need an extra injection of sweetness, Vape Club’s Gentlemen Potion is a distinctively delicious option; made up of hot coco, warm biscuits and a splash of caramel! No tea party is complete without a piece of cake! So grab your bunting, tea cakes and e-cigarette and show your international friends what you’re made of!




Get your hats, frocks and tails at the ready and join one of the most glamorous horse races in the world. Vape your way into Ascot with a glass of Champagne, courtesy of sponsors Bollinger and equip your taste buds with an infused raspberry flavoured e-liquid. Inherently British, Ascot’s official soft drink sponsor is Appletiser; but if you can’t grab yourself a bottle of this crisp and naturally sparkling drink; then bring along your apple e-liquid to ensure you are not left out of any festivities.



Classic Summer day BBQ

Everyone loves a classic BBQ; variety of meats, waldorf salads and tomato relishes. But what most people love about a summer BBQ are the drinks! Think minty fresh mojito and Pimms and you have it covered! If you’re after a fresh aftertaste that cleans your palette after a heavy meal, then Vapourlites Ice Mint e-liquid will serve your well. If you’re the driver for the day and not able to indulge in a tall glass of Pimms, then you may choose to marry your flavours of strawberry, ice mint, orange and lemon. Whatever you decide, your vaping experience will be cool and crisp against a hot summer’s day.




Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski