Drip vaping isn’t for the faint hearted. Vaping enthusiasts will know drip vaping is an art that requires talent, courage and determination to power through. You may have heard drip vaping being referred to ‘dripping’, ‘direct dripping’, or ‘dry smoking’ and instead of filling up your cartomiser, you instead drip a few drops of your preferred e-liquid flavour onto the coils or bridge of your atomiser.

The benefits of drip vaping are twofold as it produces denser vapour clouds which are cleaner; not to mention your e-liquid flavour is richer and bolder in its taste as it intensifies the throat hit, which often enough smokers claim to be a factor they miss from smoking. What is also beneficial from drip vaping is the ability of vaping a number of different flavours in one go, without having to change and clean out your atomiser.

If you are new to vaping then to immediately drip vape may not be the wisest of ideas. But if you consider yourself to be a serious vaper, then drip vaping is a fantastic way to get a quick nicotine fix without having to smoke harmful cigarettes. Drip vaping has also noticeably given the vaper the power to get the most out of their e-liquid flavouring without having to compromise strength, power and ability. Technically speaking, it is also quite difficult to do, so it is ideal for the vaping specialists.

Once you have followed the four steps to drip vaping, you will notice that upon your first inhalation, that the hit at the back of your throat will have been reached far more easily than with usual vaping devices. Many vapers who have used vaping devices, have noticed that as soon as you start drip vaping, the flavour becomes a lot purer and in fact tastes a lot better. Dripping seems to be a case of trial and error and it is recommended to only put two to three drops of e-liquid to begin with. As with any vaping device and e-cigarette, depending on the thickness of the liquid, the length of the draw and type of atomiser you own, you should be able to draw between seven to 12 puffs before you begin to lose the flavour. You must be careful when putting the drops of e-liquid onto the coils as if you put too much, it will leak out through the air holes under the atomiser; known as flooding.

If you decide to switch between different flavours, it is worth grouping your flavours together and swapping between flavours that complement each other if you’re not going to clean between each one.

When you’re drip vaping, it is pretty much a necessity that you purchase a drip tip. Drip tips were invented to prevent vapers from putting their lips directly onto the atomiser which can get very hot. Drip tips are not only comfortable to use for vaping, but a fashionable accessory for enthusiastic vapers. Drip tips are made out of most materials and can be shaped into anything you wish. They can be a single colour, mix of colours, patterns, transparent or solid. When looking for a drip tip, look for LR; low resistance, usually around 1.4 to 1.8ohms, as they produce more heat for the same voltage and can produce extremely large vapour clouds and a strong release of flavour.

So if you’re considering a change in your vaping experience, then grab your vaping device and try your hand at drip vaping. Remember, if you’ve never done it before, seek advice as to how to do it, but in the meantime, here is a visual aid to perfect the art of drip vaping!


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Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski