It’s always exciting when new e-liquid flavours come out. There are so many possibilities, like discovering a new personal favourite ‘all-dayer’ or the perfect vape for a particular situation. So I type this with trembling fingers as I announce that Vapourlites have not one, but FOUR brand new e-liquid flavours for us to enjoy this summer, and they’re bound to become the personal favourites of a great many of you.

Each of the flavours offers its own unique vaping experience and interestingly expands the variety of flavours available. Some of the new flavours are perfect for when you’re relaxing and require some deep and mellow undertones to suit your contemplative mood, others are great for being out and about and when you need that little extra zing. However you enjoy vaping, you’ll find one of these new e-liquid flavours suitable in all vaping situations and some of them just perfect for the warmer summer weather.

New Banana Split E-Liquid

Banana Splits are the glorious pinnacle of humanity’s dessert-making achievements and thus are a welcome addition to the e-liquid flavour range. A perfect blend of banana and vanilla flavours, this Banana Split e-liquid produces a sumptuous vapour which is best enjoyed with the sun shining down on your face while lying in a hammock.

New Café Crème E-Liquid

This Café Crème e-liquid features a unique blend of coffee flavours which produces a rich and creamy vapour. It’s a perfect vape for when you have a moment to stop and appreciate the multiple layers of the vapour’s coffee and cream flavourings. I would recommend enjoying this mellow e-liquid flavour as you leisurely sift through the morning papers, or at the end of a hard day’s work when it’s time to switch off and start relaxing.

New Chocomel E-Liquid

With so many fruity flavours among the Vapourlites e-liquid selection, this Chocomel e-liquid flavour stands out as a special treat for dessert-loving vapers. This sweet e-liquid mixes chocolate flavour with chocolate’s even sexier cousin caramel, to create an ideal vape for chocoholics and anyone with a sweet tooth. Chocomel is an ideal vape to savour whenever you manage to get a few minutes to yourself.

New Citrus Zing E-Liquid

There are few flavours more suited to summer vaping than this new Citrus Zing e-liquid. In whatever form, citrus fruits have been one of the most refreshing blends of flavours humanity has ever concocted. It’s ideal for those long summer days when everything seems right with the world.  With a complex blend of lemon, lime and orange this e-liquid is the epitome of summer flavours and is just perfect for the hot days and long evenings.

The nicotine strengths available are 0mg, 10mg or 18mg and you can get any of these flavours included in the current Buy 3 for only £10 special offer. And like every other e-liquid in the Vapourlites Pharma+ range, all of these brand new e-liquid flavours are 100% manufactured in the UK according to UK pharmaceutical standards.

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski