Our store Vape in Watford is proud to be the first store in the UK to stock this brand new product available for all vapers! The brand new Innokin Disruptor 50 Watt Kit is a sleek, yet colourful design available in a variety of colour combinations. You can choose from pink, red, green and blue batteries with the control unit in either black or silver. The kit comes with a USB charger so you can take it anywhere you go and feel at ease that you will never be without your tank to vape!

It is currently in stock and expected to sell out fast and is priced at £47.99 each or £59.99 with a matching iSub coloured tank available in pink, black, blue or clear.

Who said vaping wasn’t trendy? With Vaping named buzzword of the year in 2014, it’s no surprise, the industry is bursting with innovative creations for fellow vapers.