The e-cigarette industry has become so unimaginably large, there is enough to fill a dictionary of its own. By 2017, the industry is expected to be worth around $10billion and is set to continue. With every new term that drops onto the market, vaping enthusiasts; whether they be old or new have had to accustom themselves to a larger segment of the vape community than they had once thought. Today, the growing phrase ‘dripping’ ultimately describes vaping the ‘hard way’! If you are dedicated to your vaping device, you will know and understand the art to the dripping method.

Kanger, have latched onto this growing trend.

Kanger’s very first 60W mod is powered by a single 18650 battery and has a drive of 0.2ohm, with all the necessary mod protection; as well an in-built 7.0ml juice capacity. With a replaceable dripping coil, battery cover design and a subdrip and dropmod included in the dripbox starter kit, you will be well on your way to becoming the centre of attention when out and about with your new purchase! The device is a squonk box, which means a bottle e-liquid is housed physically inside in the mod itself. So if you hate constantly having to remember to change your e-liquid, you will do this less frequently with the new dripbox. When you squeeze the e-liquid, it is sent up into the atomizer, and allows you to drip without dripping.

Dripping has been described by the everyday vaper as a ‘quintessential experience’ and you have to be able to build your own coils for the atomizer, wick it yourself as well as fix the battery to the device. With this in mind, there is a generally higher up front cost, but for the majority of vapers, this is a no brainer. The enhance flavor and unmatched vapour cloud that is produced through a dripbox mod is unparalleled. The battery life also lasts longer with a tank/clearomizer as you not drawing power on your coils.

So what are you waiting for, the Kanger Dripbox Starter Kit is now available for purchase!

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski