We’ve all been there.

One minute we’re happily vaping away, enjoying the tasty comfort of our favourite e-liquid flavour, and the next we can’t taste a thing.

Do we need a new vape pen? Perhaps our e-liquid has gone off?!

Wrong and wrong again. Neither your e-cig nor your e-liquid are the problem here – stick your tongue out and take a look in the mirror – there’s your culprit!

Yes, you read that right. Coined ‘vaper’s tongue’, this phenomenon leaves the vaper unable to taste his e-liquid, and it happens to the best of us.

So what causes it?

Vaper’s tongue has several known causes including dehydration, damaged taste buds and simply being bunged up with a cold. However, one massive cause is often disregarded.

Ever heard the phrases ‘too much of a good thing’ and ‘everything in moderation’?

Well these are very apt here! The truth of the matter is, we get sick of even the things we love the most if we have them enough. Hence, if we continue to vape the same flavour for prolonged periods of time, then it will lead to the flavourless drags that every seasoned vaper dreads.

Smell = Flavour!

You know how everyone’s house has a ‘smell’ that everyone except them picks up on? Well that’s because if you’re around a scent for long enough then you get used to it, and your body becomes immune to picking it up.

The same applies to e-liquid; after a period of time, you’ll start to get used to the smell of your e-liquid and will therefore become less susceptible to it. Since smell is a big part of flavour, you’ll start to taste the flavour less and less until vapers tongue takes over completely and you can’t taste anything at all.

So how can we ditch vapers tongue for good?!

It’s pretty easy, if you think about it; simply switch up your flavours! To avoid getting too used to one smell, regularly mix, match, chop and change your e-liquid flavours.

By expanding your e-liquid collection, you can easily prevent and cure vapers tongue – plus you’ll get to venture out and try a new variety of flavours which is never a bad thing. We can’t help but think that if you’re sticking to one or two flavours, then you’re missing out on all the fun!

Moreover, if you’re using vaping as a means of quitting smoking, then you’re less likely to miss the tobacco flavour if your taste buds are busy being tantalised by a plethora of tasty new flavours.

So why not branch out and try that slightly ‘out-there’ flavour you’ve had your eye on – lemon, strawberry and aniseed might sound weird but it really hits the spot – we promise!

By exploring the Vape Mixology range you might just find your new all-time favourite and avoid vapers tongue simultaneously – now how’s that for a cure?!

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski