How to perform vaping tricks

You must have tried blowing an O cloud or a jellyfish. No? If you have, and you’re here to master the art then jump to the pro tricks below. If not, vaping tricks look awesome and are easier to do than you might think. Vape tricks are so big in fact that right now, all across the US, there are “Cloud Championships” being hotly contested to find the ultimate ‘cloud chaser’. The championships range from local vape trick competitions held at small vape shops to interstate vape comps at big venues in Las Vegas and Hollywood. There are Men’s and Women’s cloud categories which pit vapers against each other to judge who bellows the biggest cloud as well as individual smoke shows where ‘cloud chasers’ show off their smooth smoke-sculpting skills.

Welcome to the vape trick academy, now take a look at our definitive trick guide below:

Beginner tricks:

Single O’s – Meet Fresh Skater Jay, this guy is an O blowing machine.

There are a few ways to blow an O, and the most common is to do a coughing action with your throat, but instead of a heavy clearing throat cough, you are aiming to do a very light version; imagine you’re in a library and you need to cough. The amount of vapour is key to forming O’s, experiment with deep inhales and light inhales and see what’s best. Another tip for forming O shapes is the shape of your mouth, try moving your jaw to create smaller and larger circles. You can also make O’s by tapping the side of your open mouth whilst exhaling.

Credit to: Vape Capitol

Vape bend – Vape bending is when you manipulate the path of an O you’ve blown using your hand in a cup position next to your mouth. To do this simply follow the vapour as you blow, making sure you don’t break the vape cloud as you push. Once you get the hang of it, you can even try to spin an O or turn it back to where it came. Check out the VGODs Jonny Gromis and Isaac Perez as they showcase their pro bending skills.

Credit to: VGOD`

Intermediate tricks:

French inhale – this is a classic smoking trick that you’ll see Wiz Khalifa performing in his music video with the same name featuring smoking legend Snoop Dogg or is it Snoop Lion?

To pull this off you have to take a deep inhale of vapour, then slowly open your mouth. Push your bottom lip out and direct the vapour upwards with your tongue. Once the plume reaches your nose, inhale through your nostrils. This trick won’t work if you have a cold.

Credit to: Image source

Jelly fish – You can O, you can bend, now you want to try a jelly fish. When you blow a good O you can attempt making it into a jellyfish by following the O and then blowing a puff in the centre. It works best when the O has expanded first. Fresh Skater Jay shows below.

Credit to: Vape Capitol

Double and Triple Os – Fresh Skater Jay shows us how to blow double O’s, simply place your finger in the middle of your mouth. It’s that simple, right?

Credit to: Vape Capitol

Pro tricks:

The dragon – enter the dragon, much like Bruce Lee’s classic, this trick kicks ass! Abby Vapes is a great channel for everything vaping related and she does tricks of course.

Credit to: Abby Vapes

Bane inhale – the bane inhale is possibly one of the coolest vaping tricks in any pro vaper’s arsenal, because let’s face it, what’s cooler than Bane? Skip to the good bit at 1:15 to learn how to perform this beauty!

Credit to: Abby Vapes

Tornado – This is an advanced vape bending trick that requires a smooth surface (table), an empty kitchen roll tube and swift hands. Watch Zach below as he spins tornadoes for fun.

Credit to: HookedonHookah

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski