With ‘National No Smoking Day’ fast-approaching on the 8th of March, the occasion is marked with an attempt to not have a single cigarette on the day. Easier said than done right? Even though it may seem a very difficult prospect, try to think of the day as an opportunity to test yourself. If quitting smoking is something you been meaning to do for some while, then this could provide the perfect initiative to kick-start that impending intention. Likewise, the chance to prove to yourself that you have the will-power to see through a goal that will not only improve your daily lifestyle but also long-term health.

To assist in your quest to not have any cigarettes on the 8th of March, Vapourlites.com has conveniently produced a guide as to how you can avoid the urge in different environments and potential scenarios throughout the day.

At Work

Many smokers use cigarettes as a form of relief to deal with work-related stress and anxiety, taking multiple smoking breaks throughout the working day or their shift. So for some, it could understandably be hard to break away from this vice at work but there are some very effective methods to lure smokers away from the temptation of cigarettes.

Music Playlist

In your job, if you’re allowed to listen to music whilst you work, then create a playlist that will keep your mind at bay from any distractions, especially nicotine cravings. With your desired music putting you in the zone, you will feel less inclined to take smoking breaks.


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At lunch you may be used to a eating your lunch and then smoking but instead why not go for a walk. Go out for a short 20 to 30 minute walk. The fresh air will clear your mind and alleviate any stress you may have. For those in desk jobs, it will also allow you to gain some valuable movement after sitting for long periods of time. You could also use the walk at lunch to reflect on the fact that you have not had a cigarette up until that point in the day. This will reinforce your motivation to not smoke for the rest of the remaining day.


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Colleague(s) Assistance

If you’re good friends with a fellow colleague who does not smoke, then kindly explain to them your ambition to not smoke for the day and ask them to help by reminding you whenever you get the impulse to smoke, to perhaps talk it out. Their assistance will be tremendously handy, particularly when you find your self-discipline fading during certain moments of the day.


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Whenever you feel a productivity slump is coming and feel a cigarette can fix it, seek to stretch out as an alternative. Get up from your chair, either at your desk or somewhere more discreet and stretch your muscles. Give your arms and legs a mini work-out and stretching will not only feel refreshing but also boost your energy levels.


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At Home

No Cigarette Packs

The day before national no smoking day, ensure you either get rid of or hide any cigarette packs you having lying around the house. If you choose to hide them away, then get your family, friends or housemates to do so. With no cigarettes around the house or no knowledge of where they are, you won’t have an instant fix to satisfy cravings therefore you will be able to surpass the temptation. Additionally, don’t forget to check your car for any cigarettes.


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Favourite Meal

Give yourself something to look forward to and one of the best ways to do just that is by preparing your favourite meal. Cooking your favourite meal from scratch will not only give you something to focus upon but also keep you occupied from thinking about cigarettes.


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Entertain Yourself

To keep your thoughts away from smoking, entertain yourself. Start watching that TV show you been meaning to check out for some time or download some games to play on your smartphone/tablet. If you don’t fancy watchable or playable media, then read a book or do some cleaning.


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Talk to whoever you are living with (whether that be family, friends or housemates) about you not smoking for the day on the 8th of March. They are more than likely to be supportive and their positive reception for the cause will only inject confidence in your drive to not smoke for the day.


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Even though it will be challenging, by participating in ‘National No Smoking Day’ you will have achieved a small but meaningful feat. It will allow you to prove to yourself that you can go a day without smoking. Taking a more long-term view could provide the window to visualize a pathway to quitting smoking in the near future.

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Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski