First off, congratulations. You’ve bagged yourself a keeper. Being a vaper says a lot about a person – it’s so much more than a habit, it’s a way of life – and what a way to live! With that in mind, here’s our handy guide to living harmoniously with your vape-fanatic other half, because once you date a vaper you never go back… trust us.

The Convert Factor

Chances are, you’re dating a vaping convert. That is, you used to be dating a smoker and are enormously relieved they’ve finally made the switch. Mouldy tobacco kisses, smelly hair and moody plane journeys are no more! Not to mention the amount of times they used to leave you in awkward situations to go out for a smoke – never again will you have to make small talk with your mother-in-law alone – result!
E-cigs are portable and not banned in public places, so enjoy a day out with your vape-inhaling hunny without all the having-to-go-for-a-quick-fag interruptions.

What to do if they lose their e-cig/mod/battery/clearomizer (You get the idea…)

Proceed with caution – a vaper without his/her tools is nothing and hence until they’re found your sweetheart just won’t be themselves. Imagine losing a child – it’s a similar sensation.
Go easy on them, and give them lots of TLC until it’s found/ they’ve got a new one.
Alternatively, look in the car. It’s almost always in the car.

Meal Times

Here’s another sensitive subject – and one that may not bode well with the foodies out there – but you should always endeavour to match your cooking with their vape flavour. Obviously we’re not saying if their vape of choice is banana every meal time should be banana themed, but it’s important to make sure the flavours complement each other as much as possible.
Similarly, if you let your other half go food shopping, don’t be surprised if they come back laden with goods to make a four course dessert menu because they’re ‘digging chocolate and caramel flavour right now’. Just humour them – after all, four desserts for dinner isn’t always a bad thing…
Plus, you can say goodbye to garlic kisses and hello to sweet smackers – yum!

The Vape Drawer

You know that episode of friends where Chandler finds Monica’s secret closet of ‘stuff’? Well, be prepared in the very near future to stumble across your partners ‘Vape Drawer’. This is basically a space full of old vape pens, mods, batteries and e-liquid flavours that just didn’t cut the mustard.
We know, we know. They’re keeping old, broken, redundant equipment for no apparent reason…what’s up with that? Well, there’s just so many memories…

Plug Wars

Want to charge your phone? Yeah you’re going to have to wait… because there’s no way in hell your vape-enthusiast partner is leaving the house without a full battery. Nor would you want them to – who wants to spend the day soothing the fragile ego of someone on a nicotine come down?

Instagram Issues

Does every photo of you and your one and only look as if you’re part of the cast of horror film ‘The Fog’? Do your friends think you’re dating a walking, talking cloud?
Embrace it– any pasty skin or imperfections will be masked by the perfectly formed cloud of smoke surrounding you! Hashtag #nofilter…

Happy Vaping and dating!

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace

AKA ‘Chris 2′ – Chris Wallace heads up Loyalty and Marketing at Vapour and is responsible for looking after our customers pockets, ensuring that loyalty is rewarded fairly. Chris works closely with the procurement team to ensure that we have the latest and greatest vaping products that you want! Having owned 3 of them, Chris’ favourite mod is the VooPoo Drag. You’ll always find him with a pocket full of batteries as his biggest fear is running out of power! FUN FACT: Chris has completed Tinder.