So what happens when you combine snapchats newest trend – face-swapping – with good old vaping? Hilarity ensues – that’s what.

Two of the most currently talked about things were combined ingeniously when a couple decided to try out a face swapping app and video the results.

Youtuber Dorrit Shank teamed up with her male friend to do a face swap, but it didn’t turn out quite as expected; her acquaintance exhaled a rather large vape cloud whilst the fact swapping app was in full swing.

The app continued doing its thing and the result was Dorrit’s face being overlaid in the cloud of vapour, hence appearing to float across the screen. The face and lungful of vape seem to have been caught in the algorithm of the app, making for some very entertaining viewing.

As if face swapping apps weren’t funny enough – (I mean let’s face it, if you haven’t seen the one of the bearded guy swapped faces with his 6 month old, then you haven’t lived) this new phenomena brought about due to an e-cigarette being brought into the mix has added another layer of pure genius.

For vape enthusiasts such as yourselves, the video is a must watch – see below:

Feel free to recreate the video with a partner, but be warned, it may just have been a one off freak accident/fluke (depending on how you look at it).

Emma Marsh
Emma Marsh

Emma is our resident e-liquid expert, with over 10 years in the vaping industry there's not a flavour that Emma hasn't tried. She's a huge advocate of those dessert flavours (no calories in vape, right?) and isn't a huge fan of koolada. When she's not punching informative content out on our blog, she's driving round the country picking up parts that have fallen off her beloved Alfa Romeo.