Do you often find yourself reaching for your vape pen around mid-morning or late-afternoon? It could be that you’re feeling that little bit peckish. It happens to the vast majority of us; a few of hours into work and the munchies set in. Many chew gum or vape to try and occupy our mouths, tricking our body into thinking that our hunger has been satisfied. But what if you didn’t choose to simply snack, or to solely vape? By combining the two, vapers have the option of experiencing a realm of new flavours and experiences. With this in mind, what are the best snacks to vape with?

Apple and Custard

Apple is a very versatile flavour, as is custard. Both suit a range of accompaniments, but one of the most loved snacks that marries the two together is that of Danish pastries. In particular, the Cinnamon Swirls or Maple Slice are utterly scrumptious! Or, why not simply try a traditional Danish pastry? Each of them are yummy in their own right.

Danish Pastry

Sweet and Spicy Tobacco

Nuts are a very versatile food and are often coated in spices to make for a tasty snack. As noted by the, nuts are ‘Packed with protein, fibre and essential fats. A golf ball-sized portion (about 30g) of unsalted nuts makes a vitality-boosting snack and, unlike most other options, contributes a mix of valuable vitamins and minerals.’ Macaroons and cookies are a slightly less healthy, but nevertheless scrumptious alternative that compliment this E-Liquid.


VAPE ALTO Cirrus E-Liquid (Contains a unique mixture of banana, nuts with a crunchy end note)

Fresh, juicy apples and citrus fruits add a zing to the mellow flavours of bananas and nut. The contrasting flavours bring a real morning feel to this E-Liquid, making it the perfect choice for the early-morning vaper.


Strawberry, Vanilla & Custard

Fresh bananas, ice cream or chocolate chip brownies will complement the Strawberry, Vanilla and Custard Vape like no other! This combination is perfect for the vaper who has a sweet tooth and loves to indulge in a good desert.

Chocolate Brownie

VAPE ALTO Cumulus E-Liquid (Contains a unique mixture of Grape and Cream Soda)

Macaroons have a subtle flavour that nicely balances the grape and cream soda flavours. These moreish little treats come in a multitude of flavours, so please feel free to comment below if you have found one that works especially well with any one of our E-Liquids.


VAPE ALTO Nimbus E-Liquid (Contains a unique mixture of Orange Muffins)

Dark chocolate has been a classic accompaniment to orange in many recipes. This is similarly the case for vanilla, custard and cream flavours. Almonds add a sweet nuttiness to muffins and work well in pastries. Combining these flavours, the Italian desert, Cannoli is a naughty little treat that works well with the ALTO Nimbus E-Liquid.


VAPE ALTO Stratus E-Liquid contains a unique mixture of Cereal Oats.

Another great choice for the early morning vaper is the ALTO Stratus E-Liquid when paired with a nutritious, fresh fruit smoothie! Packed with anti-oxidants, and giving you one of your five a day, a smoothie is the perfect treat for those looking for a slightly healthier snack.

Fruit Smoothie

Vapourlites Very Cherry E-Liquid

You can’t go wrong with some classic, high-quality chocolates. Traditionally, cherry has often been paired with dark chocolate as a flavour however, we cannot resist having at least one of each!


Vapourlites Vanilla Pod

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavours around. It suits a wide variety of foods, so you can regularly choose this vape and interchange your snacks. Whether a fresh bowl of fruit, a succulent apple, strawberry tart or chocolate flavoured foods, you can’t go far wrong. Vanilla also works surprisingly well with fish dishes such as scallops or lobster. It can even be used in mash!


Vapourlites Apple E-Liquid

Classic accompaniments to apple include caramel, toffee, fudge, chocolate and cream flavours. You can therefore experiment with snack such as; toffee popcorn, millionaire’s shortbread and, for a more filling desert, sticky toffee pudding with cream.

Caramel Apple

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Vapourlites Grape E-Liquid

With a sprinkling of brown sugar, nuts or raisins, natural yoghurt makes a tasty and refreshing accompaniment to our Grape E-Liquid.


Vapourlites Passion Fruit E-Liquid

Fresh mango is a healthy, juicy and delicious snack. It provides many of your essential vitamins, including vitamins A & C. They also are a source of daily fibre, have no cholesterol, sodium or fat and offer one of your five a day!


Vapourlites Pear Drop E-Liquid

White wine sorbet in a brandy snap basket with kirch cherries is the ultimate desert to pair with pear! If you want something that little bit simpler to serve up; a sorbet refreshing sorbet or frozen yoghurt will complement the sweetness of the pear drop flavour.


Image: Credit to

Vapourlites Melon E-Liquid

Parma Ham, olives and antipasti found in traditional tapas dishes work well with this flavour. Grapes, cheeses, sweet peppers, Spanish sausage, figs and nuts are all delicious too!


Vapourlites Blueberry E-Liquid

Muffins, flapjacks, cereals and cookies regularly feature blueberry as an ingredient, so why not try pairing Vapourlites Blueberry E-Liquid with one of your favourite treats? Oats are also great for slow-release carbs that will keep you fuller for longer, meaning you are less likely to snack on chocolate, crisps and other such fattening foods later on.


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Vapourlites Tobacco E-Liquid

Another Mediterranean dish that work well with our E-Liquid is that of Nachos and Sangria. Suited to the traditional Tobacco E-Liquid, nachos are great as a sharing dish, for a summers day, or for a film night in!


Happy snacking! 

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski