Every child whose dad is a smoker begs him to stop. So here's a great gadget for Father's Day…

Vapourlites are British electronic cigarettes that help smokers kick the habit. From the VL Micro (the world's smallest e-cigarette!) to full-size disposable and rechargeable versions and their very popular eGos.

An electronic cigarette delivers nicotine to take away a smoker’s cravings. But it doesn’t deliver the 4,000 chemicals you get when you smoke a normal cigarette. As well as tar, those chemicals include poisonous arsenic, benzene, cadmium, carbon monoxide and cyanide! That's why 1.4m people in the UK alone have now made the switch to e-cigarettes.

TV Doctor Christian Jessen, speaking on BBC radio recently said:

“Nicotine is not dangerous at all. Nicotine is not the thing that causes all the long term health problems that we see in smokers – it is smoking itself. So what we can do is very simply replace smoking with another form of nicotine delivery and probably the one that is most similar to smoking is vaping using e-cigarettes.”

Professor Robert West, Cancer Research UK said:

"With electronic cigarettes we have an opportunity to end the tobacco epidemic in my lifetime. This is something that I never thought I would see."

Professor John Britton, who leads the tobacco advisory group for the Royal College of Physicians added:

"If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today. It's a massive potential public health prize."

Scientist and writer Matt Ridley says that e-cigarettes may wipe out smoking in a couple of decades, and Professor David Nutt of Imperial College describes e-cigarettes as “the greatest health advance since vaccines.”

Mortality amongst smokers is three times higher than non-smokers. But there's good news. No matter what your age or how long you've been smoking, almost as soon as you cut down or quit, the health benefits begin. If you stop before you're 35 it’s likely you’ll live just as long as a non-smoker. And even if you’re between 65 and 74, give up smoking and you'll still have a better life expectancy.

Vapourlites feature British-made pharmaceutical-grade e-liquid in a variety of flavours and are no.1 in UK independent pharmacies.

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace

AKA ‘Chris 2′ – Chris Wallace heads up Loyalty and Marketing at Vapour and is responsible for looking after our customers pockets, ensuring that loyalty is rewarded fairly. Chris works closely with the procurement team to ensure that we have the latest and greatest vaping products that you want! Having owned 3 of them, Chris’ favourite mod is the VooPoo Drag. You’ll always find him with a pocket full of batteries as his biggest fear is running out of power! FUN FACT: Chris has completed Tinder.