One of the best things about making the change from smoking to e-cigs is the wide variety of e-liquid flavours available; suddenly tobacco is old news and you have some serious choices to make!

Although they will most certainly have their favourites, E-cigarette enthusiasts will often chop and change their flavours to give themselves some variety, and with a range of flavours from fresh and fruity to sweet desserts it’s impossible to get bored.

Much like choosing a snack or what you wish to have for dinner, e-cigarette users will choose their flavour of the day based on what they have planned and what mood they’re in.

For example, if they have an active lifestyle and a particularly busy day ahead, then they’ll tend to go for energizing flavours to keep them going.

Choosing flavours that mimic energy boosting food is a great way to tricking your brain into thinking it’s had its coffee fix etc.…

Here are five of the best flavours for keeping you moving and full of energy all day long:


This ones pretty self-explanatory; coffee is well known for its energy boosting properties! In the same way people kick start their day with a big mug of coffee or expresso shot, a coffee flavoured vape will tend to have the same invigorating effects.

Coffee keeps you alert and focussed, so if you have an exam or big meeting that day, be sure to pack your coffee flavoured e-liquid.

Many manufacturers have started producing variants of coffee e-liquids so you’ll never get bored; cafe latte, expresso, caramel macchiato and hazelnut latte are just a few of the tasty coffee based flavours available.


Continuing with the breakfast drink theme, a hot lemon and water is known for revitalising your body and waking you up so you feel energised and prepared for the day ahead. In the same way, a zesty lemon vape will refresh you and give you a zingy hit each time you inhale it.

It’s zesty, tart flavours will leave your taste buds tingling and refreshed, great for active people who want to feel revitalised and alive!

Dark chocolate

Unlike the sleepy, relaxing effects of a sickly sweet milk chocolate vape, dark chocolate has just the right balance of smoothness and kick to keep you alert and active.

This is a great, healthier alternative for people who have given up coffee and caffeine to keep them awake, as dark chocolate is also known to have energy boosting properties.

And the best part? You can have the flavour of chocolate guilt and calorie free!


Anyone who chews gum knows the revitalising effect a minty stick can have on you; a minty vape is a great pick me up during the day when you’re flagging and need an energy fix.

The cool, crisp aroma of this e-liquid will help to clear brain fog, keep you awake and lengthen your attention span.

An added bonus is that peppermint will never get too sickly like some of the other, richer flavours might; mint is a simple, tasty and eternally vape-able flavour that will never get old!


In the old days when people used to need to stave off hunger pangs and keep awake and alert during long hours of prayer, a well-known trick would be to chew on some fennel seeds, which is what liquorice is made from.

If you’ve got a long day of listening ahead, such as lectures or a series of informative talks where you need to stay alert and most importantly awake, a liquorice vape is the best course of action.

In the same way that fennel seeds helped church goers to concentrate for long periods of time, the liquorice e-liquid mimics the qualities of fennel seeds; you will feel alert and able to continue for longer if you’re camping, hiking etc. Again, you’ll be less prone to hunger pangs – so this one’s also great if you’re on a diet.

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski