Once you’ve been around the block a few too many times and you’re a bit long in the tooth, it can get harder and harder to embrace new things as we tend to find comfort in the familiar. Most adults will probably recognise a little of that way of being in their dear old dad, but you can help him get familiar with vaping so that finally getting him to stop smoking cigarettes is not such a big deal for him. Here are ten undeniable reasons you can use to convince him it’s the right thing to do, which you can use combinations of or expand on one particular reason to show your old man that it is really is time to knock the old cancer sticks on the head.

No More Lingering Smoke

If your dad likes to smoke cigarettes indoors than the lingering smoke means that in between his cigarettes he’s also passive smoking his own smoke alongside your mum, yourself and any pets in the house. The vapour from an e-cigarette does not linger like cigarette smoke but actually dissipates into the air immediately leaving no odour behind. Non-smoking guests will thus find your dad’s house a much more pleasant place to visit once he switches to vaping.

No More Mess

One big problem with cigarette smoking that rarely gets a mention, due to all the health dangers quite rightly hogging the spotlight, is the big mess it leaves behind. Getting your dad to switch to vaping means he’ll no longer have to worry about knocking the ashtray over or making sure he empties and cleans it regularly. Even if he’s super tidy, small bits of ash can always catch even the slightest breeze and end up on the carpet, curtains or his favourite trousers.

No More Stains & Smells

To smoke cigarettes is to fight a constant battle against stains and stink – and a constant losing battle at that. You can help your dad to achieve the ultimate victory though by stamping out the cigarettes for good by switching to stainless and odourless vaping. There’s no tar in an e-cigarette’s vapour, which is the main cause of all stains, plus the only smell of the vapour will be the merest hint of its flavour (be it fruity or traditional tobacco) before it dissipates into the air and is gone forever.

Fresher Breath

This one might actually be more of a present for your mother, but there’s no denying the toll that smoking takes on somebody’s breath. Being breathed on by a smoker can feel like inhaling a whole ashtray, so convince your dad to switch to vaping so he can feel a lot sexier, something we all need a bit of when our hair starts greying, receding and the moobs don’t appear to have been in the slightest bit affected by that lettuce leaf we ate the other week.

Save Money

This one will of course depend on how much your dad smokes a day. But, as is often the case with veteran smokers, if he’s somewhere around the twenty-a-day mark then there are serious pounds to be saved by switching to vaping. Once you have your e-cigarette, which are relatively inexpensive themselves, the e-liquid is very cheap compare to tobacco, as are any accessories.

Vaping is More Convenient

Vaping on the go need involve nothing more than carrying around a pen-sized contraption, whereas smoking requires the carrying of the carton as well as the lighter. It might seem a little pedantic as neither item is particularly obtrusive, but convincing your dad to swap smoking for vaping will still make his life just that little bit easier. If he’s a pipe man, then rest assured that you can even get e-cigs in the shape of pipes as well!

More Quality Time

This is a biggie. With the smoking ban having forced all smokers to leave the buildings of bars and restaurants, those moments outside add up to a lot of quality time with friends and family that smokers are losing because of their habit. While some establishments have put e-cig bans in place due to the confusion they can cause staff who might think they are real cigarettes (that’s a real reason given by the Wetherspoons pub chain), there are still many places where you can’t smoke but you can vape.

More Energy

The chemical-laden ingredients of tobacco have long been known to cause lethargy by sapping the energy resources of smokers. Because of these carcinogenic ingredients, cigarettes restrict lung capacity and the flow of oxygen around the body, so getting your dad to switch from smoking to vaping means he will have a lot more energy at his disposal. I’m not saying he’ll be running marathons any time soon, but he will certainly feel a lot better within himself whenever he’s engaged in any physical activities.

All Men Love a Gizmo

Men love gizmos; little technological devices which we can do cool stuff with. So convince your dad of the technological gizmo appeal of electronic cigarettes. They’re not overly complicated hi-tech which might baffle and confuse older generations, but easily mastered and very cool devices which you can customise to your own preferences. While e-cigs do have buttons that light up, the fact that they don’t fly is something you’ll have to break to him gently.

Be Healthier

The best reason there could possibly be to get your dad to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-cigs is for his health. Vaping is scientifically proven to be a healthier source of nicotine than smoking – a fact so obvious when you consider the hundreds of cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco which are just not present in e-liquid or the vapour from e-liquid. And remember, the very moment somebody stops smoking, their body starts to repair the damage caused by their smoking habit. It can take a long time if the smoker had a serious habit, but switching to vaping will give your dad’s body a much better chance of lasting longer than he will by continuing to smoke.

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski