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Geek Bar – Pink Lemonade 20mg

Pink Lemonade! Delivers a fruity punch and a cool aftertaste.


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Summer Vibes - Pink Lemonade! Delivers a fruity punch and a cool aftertaste. The GEEK BAR Peach Ice Disposable Vape comes with pre-refilled 20mg nicotine salt with 500mAh high voltage battery. And the GEEK BAR Disposable Pod Device can bring you about 600 puffs. The GEEK BAR Disposable Pod Device must bring you dense clouds and amazing flavour. Comes with 2ml capacity. The hottest thing since the SUN!, the Geek Bar is everywhere you look. In the supermarket, someone is checking they have the “ Sweet Strawberry “ in their bag, slipping outside of a restaurant and you see “Blueberry” in the hand of a fellow guest. With the distinctive colourful, glossy design, everyone knows what they are, whether they vape or not. It is safe to say, you will have seen these devices wherever you look. We have been lucky enough to get hold of ALL of the flavours as they are selling like crazy, everybody wants them! We have to admit, what a range! You could literally choose from an array of flavours and your guaranteed to find one that just tantalizes your taste buds. The sleek, and glamorous design of the Geek Bar alone is a device that could accompanying any outfit, in-fact is it the new accessory? They are small and light, and have a certain hype about them that makes you feel cool holding one, leave the chunky sub ohm device at home, made with nic-salts,  the Geek Bar is all you need. Not only do they look good, they are a far cry from a traditional disposable, yet operate in the same simple way. Easy to use, no buttons, no refilling – it couldn’t be easier to use. Back to the flavours, desserts! What do they have to offer, Strawberry Ice Cream. Well, its like being at the Ice Cream Parlour! Oozing flavour, this sweet vape is like eating a cold bowl of goodness. There is no scrimp on the creamy taste with the fresh juicy strawberries pouring through on the exhale. But, let’s not stop there what else do Geek Bar have to offer – Banana Ice – could this be the first creation of this fruit flavour? Think Banana Milkshake, but without the sickly feeling. The chilled Banana flavour just refreshes your whole palette. It is nothing short of fantastic with the fruit flavour and crisp chill. And, if your wanting to keep things simple, stick with Menthol. Just like you know that cool chill and minty menthol. Some things just don’t need to be fiddled with. Overall, what a device, we can see this product is here to stay, and we can see why.

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